My Autumn To Do List

My Autumn To Do List

If you’re a regular around here or on my social media then you’re probably aware that I’m a summer girl through and through. However, I do try my best to get involved in the seasonal events and traditions. This year I’m actually quite excited for autumn and thought I’d share my own to do list for the next couple of months ahead.

1. Go pumpkin picking – a blogger’s favourite autumn day out seems to be an afternoon at the pumpkin farm! I went pumpkin picking last year and it was a mega fail, so I’m hoping this year it will be a lot better with pumpkins that are ready and photos that actually happen.

2. Puppy party – if you read my Introducing My Puppy post, then you’ll know that I got a puppy recently and he’s booked in for a few puppy party sessions in a couple of weeks time. It’s a great chance for him to meet lots of other dogs other than the ones we pass on a daily basis on his walks.

3. Watch Harry Potter – I’ve never been a massive Harry Potter fan. Don’t get me wrong, growing up I always enjoyed watching the films, but I had never seen past the three so I would never class myself as a fan because I hadn’t seen every single film.

However, the past few weeks ITV started showing the whole film series on TV each week. Now I’m hooked and look forward to watching the next film when it’s out the following weekend. It’s the perfect autumn activity!

4. Go on lots of autumn walks – I love walking and how good it makes me feel mental, but there’s just something about a crisp autumnal walk with all the leaves crunching underneath your feet that makes me want to go on more walks this autumn.

5. Get cosy – I find it quite hard to dress in the autumn/winter because I’m only 4’11 and most long sleeved pieces drown me!!! But I still love all the cosy knits like jumpers, scarves and beanie hats. There’s also the comforting feeling of cosying up on the sofa with a thick blanket this time of the year with a good book that is so inviting.

6. Go to any pre-Christmas markets – this one will definitely apply to more of the final stage of Autumn, but I really want to go to lot’s of Christmas markets and fairs this year. I love Christmas and getting festive. It’s just such a magical time of the year and I want to make the most of it.

What are your plans for autumn?

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