April Favourites

April Favourites

I hardly ever do monthly favourite style posts. I thought since April has been quite a bad month for me, that I would try bring some positivity to the end of the month and share with you what some of my favourite things throughout this month have been. I’ve got a mixture of beauty and lifestyle things to share with you. I hope you enjoy!

April Favourites Rimmel London Sun Shimmer


I’m not really a fake tan person or someone who tans very easily either, but I do like to apply gradual tans through the warmer months to give my skin a little bit of colour and a nice glow to it. I’ve tried quite a few gradual tans or tanning moisturisers over the past couple of years. But I am still yet to find one that I absolutely love and one that works. I’ve been trialling out the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Gradual Tan and Toning priced at ยฃ6.99. So far, I have quite liked it. It’s very moisturising due to the argon oil and it gives you skin such a lovely glow to it. 

Although, I haven’t seen any changes to the colour of my skin since using it. This could mainly be because I am not using it as often, as what would be recommended with gradual tanning products. I do miss a few days because I just forget. Another thing I have noticed is that it is quite greasy and does take a few minutes to soak into the skin, so you do have a little bit of waiting time. So, I would say don’t put this on if you’re in a rush. Give yourself a little bit of time afterwards to let it dry completely. 

Hopefully I will be able to remember to do this every day or every other day and maybe I’ll update you to let you know if I have noticed any colour changes. But I am loving how moisturising it makes my skin feel and the glow it gives. Let’s hope the gradual tan turns up soon!

April Favourites Rimmel London Gel Grape Sorbet


I am absolutely in love with this colour from Rimmel’s Super Gel range. Grape Sorbet is such a pretty girly colour that is perfect for the spring/summer season. It has quite a metallic shine to it which I really love. I don’t own any shades in my nail varnish collection that are similiar to this, so it’s always great to find something a little different and not like the usual shades you come across. 

The Super Gel is super easy to apply and dries so quick too. You don’t have to sit around for ages waiting for it to try and just because it’s a gel based varnish, you don’t need a lamp or anything for it to set completely. However, one slight thing that did disappoint me with the super gel polish is that it didn’t last as long as I would have hoped it would have. It did chip after a few days which is a shame. Perhaps if I invested in the other products that come with this range, like a top coat, then I might have avoided this issue. But I’m so in love with the colour, that I don’t regret this purchase and will definitely make great use out of it!

April Favourites Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition


I’ve been trying out more liquid lipsticks recently. The latest one to my collection is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick. I had seen a few fair positive comments regarding these liquid lipsticks, so I thought I would try one for myself. I really love pink lip colours, I find them very flattering to my skin tone and pretty to wear. So of course, I picked up the one called ‘Don’t Pink Of It‘. This shade is one that you can easily wear everyday and has more of a pink mauve tone to it. The colour lasts for around 5/6 hours, which is good in my opinion as this is a fairly decent amount of time for a lip product to be on for.

When applied to the lips, they feel smooth and the colour pay off is really great, you don’t need to apply too many coats to cover your whole lips. Once dry into a matte finish, they do have the tendency to feel a little sticky and dry. To avoid this, I like to ex foliate my lips with a scrub before hand and pop a little bit of lip balm underneath. This will prevent any dryness and chapped lips.

April Favourites Swork It

April Favourites Swork It


Since I don’t have much money floating around, I have to rely on at home work outs or affordable exercises to try to keep me fit and healthy. I came across the Swork It app on the Apple app store a couple of months back. When I find I have the motivation and want to work out to feel better about myself, I like to go to this app to follow at home work outs. There’s so many work outs and exercises you can follow to suit you e.g cardio, strength, yoga or stretching. You can also personalise your work outs to suit you, such as the duration of your work out, what exercises may be included in the routine and you can also link it up to your spotify to have a playlist playing in the background whilst you work out.

Through the work out, it will show you on your screen what the exercise you are doing should look like, a timer for how long you should be doing it for and every few minutes you get to take a 30 second break to have a short breather or take a sip of drink.

At the end of the work out, you get a reward medal (bronze, silver or gold) based on how long you have done the work out for and the intensity of it. Also it shows you how many calories you have burned from doing the work out. I really enjoy working out with this app. It really is great to follow with ease and can be done from your home, whether you want a quick work out before work or something to relax you in the evenings like yoga.

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of the products/things I have mentioned above?

Lauren x

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