An Affordable Skincare Brand For Oily Skin

An Affordable Skincare Brand For Oily Skin

When it comes to skincare, I’m all for affordability because testing out new products to find the perfect ones to suit your skin can wrack up quite an expense if you’re not careful. That’s why T-Zone‘s new bamboo and charcoal range is the skincare brand you need to try to combat oily skin and any stubborn blemishes you want to get rid of. We all know how beneficial charcoal ingredients have on our skin due to the high surface area it contains which helps with absorption. The bamboo and charcoal range aims to use its ingredients to draw out impurities, absorb excess oil and dirt that can be found in our pores to make way for clearer and healthier skin. The past few weeks I’ve been testing out a few products from T-zones new range and just know that they are perfect any oily skin sufferers…

One product that stood out massively to me within this range and also got me so excited to try was the Nose Pore Strips*. I’ve been wanting to try some nose strips for such a long time as my nose has been in such need of removing all the dirt and oil that has been clogging up over time. They’re so quick and easy to use on the nose. All you have to do is ensure your nose is wet before applying, then stick the smooth side on to your nose and leave it on there for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes you do have to press a little harder to get it stick, particularly around your nostrils, so do bare that in mind when applying.

After the duration of the time, you can easily remove the nose strip and will be left with a slight black residue around the nose. But a sprinkle of water will clean it off in no time. Once you’ve removed the stip, you’ll notice all the dirt and blackheads that have been drawn out. Your nose will feel softer and look more clear. They’re honestly so good! I could not be without these now. I use them a couple of times a week with my boyfriend and he loves them too. The Nose Strips* generously come in either packs of six or twelve for under £5. Most nose pore strips on the market do not offer such a good amount in one pack for such a good price either. So repurchasing will never total up an expense as they’re one of the more affordable ones out there!

Moving onto another product from the range is the Ultra Purifying Face Wash*. I’m really into my face washes at the moment so was also looking forward to trying out this one. From first trial, I noticed how refreshing and lovely it smelt. It’s a very soft and clean smell, nothing overpowering or anything that will be upset any sensitive skin you might have. When mixing the wash with water, it does lava up nicely and feels really gentle on the skin. After a few uses of this, I noticed that my skin looked less oily and had more of a matte purifying finish to it. I do not tend to get that oily, so if this worked for me with not a lot of oil, then I can be sure to say that will work wonders on any oily or combination skin types. I definitely recommend using this as a morning face wash as it just wakes you up instantly as it’s so refreshing and will prepare your oily skin for a good skincare day.

And the final product I got to try from the T-Zone Bamboo and Charcoal is the Blotting Strips*. A concept that I find so cool and useful, the Blotting Strips were actually something I struggled to make good use of. Not because I didn’t find them good or handy to have, but because I do not have a major build up of excess oil nor did I find the need to use them with the weather being so poor lately. I feel if the weather had been hotter like at the start of the summer, I would have made a lot more good use out of them. But I believe that this will be so useful and important to anyone who does find they have a build up of oil during the day and needs something to clear it up with. As they’re so handy and small, you can easily travel with them and there’s 50 sheets in a pack so you have plenty to take with you if you need them to mop up any excess shine. Another great thing about these is that they do not smudge any of your makeup, which worked perfect for me throughout the day and didn’t mean I had to reapply. 

Overall, I’m really impressed with bamboo and charcoal range and know that any oily skin types will love this! I can’t wait to go pick up some more nose strips and try more from the range. The affordability of it makes it that much greater. You can buy it here from Superdrug. 

Have you tried this range? If not, would you like to try this range? 

Lauren x

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