All Year Round Nail Shades

All Year Round Nail Shades

Aside from lip products, the other beauty product I seem to have a never ending collection of is nail polishes. I have a range of shades, some perfect for autumn/winter and others that are perfect for spring/summer. But there are a few shades within my collection that are great for all year round. So if you’re like me and need to cut down your vanish collection, then I have gathered 5 shades that are more than suitable for all year round wear.

Nude/Rose – A nude or a rosy nude colour is perfect for all year round wear. It’s an everyday appropriate shade that you could quite easily wear to work and still remain looking professional. Plus it easily goes with so much. You can wear a lot of other shades with this colour as it’s quite a natural kind of shade and not too out of there. Everyone need’s a pinky nude shade in their collection!

White – Most people will wear white throughout the summer when they have a bit of tan, because let’s not lie, this is when this shade look’s best! But there’s nothing wrong with wearing this shade all year round. Again because it’s neutral you can get away with wearing it with absolutely everything. The only down side to a shade like this is trying not to look like you’ve just tippexed your fingers, so make sure when you’re picking out a white shade it actually look’s like polish.

Taupe – Another easy to wear nude is a taupe colour. This colour look’s great all year round because it’s bang in the middle of the nudes. It isn’t too light or cool, neither is it too dark or warm. Also could be used for professional occasions, but overall one you could wear for everyday. You could easily wear this with an all overall neutral outfit or pair it with more of a stand out coloured outfit.

Red – Red is such a classic shade that it is no surprise that this shade would mention in this post! It’s probably one of the shades you would 100% associate with being an all rounder. I think this nail shade also look’s great for more formal and professional events, as well as looking great around the festive season. Yet you could still wear this throughout the warmer months because it works just as well.

Black – Black outfits are so easy to wear and put together, the same applies when it comes to wearing black on your nails. This colour goes with so much, so you will never struggle to pair it with any kind of coloured garment in your wardrobe. Whilst it might be a bit too out of there and unprofessional in the work place, for everyday wear and at more relaxed events black is a great go to shade that suits everyone.

What nail shades do you wear all year round?

Lauren x

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