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Accessories Dainty Necklaces Jewellery

I’ve always believed that accessories really help to put a look together and finish off an outfit as a whole. Dainty jewellery and  dainty necklaces in particular have been a staple piece in my collection for quite some time now. Smaller pieces of jewellery are especially great for us smaller girls. They tend to not over power us like bigger statement pieces do. Dainty jewellery enables our outfits to flow effortless, with nothing looking too out of place and making sure that everything stays in the same proportion size to suit our frames. It also add’s that touch of something extra to any outfit!

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite dainty necklaces from my jewellery collection. All of them are super affordable and their are great dupes for these type of styles of necklaces out there. As you can probably tell, most of these are gold coloured as opposed to silver. I personally think they just stand out against my skin a little bit better compared to silver. 

Accessories - Dainty Necklaces

The first and newest of my collection is this pretty meaningful necklace from Topshop. My boyfriend actually got me this for our three years and valentines day. I’ve been after it for the longest time, so I was so happy when I received it as a gift. As this is fairly new, you can still pick this up in stores and online for £6.50!!! What I love most about this is the fact it says ‘Hope’ across the chain. I think this necklace will be great for times when I may be feeling a little down or anxious about something, when I need that little reminder that things will be ok and that there’s always hope. A great little addition to my jewellery collection!

Accessories - Dainty Necklaces

Moving on, this necklace is probably the most worn and has definitely suffered from it. But I think it just adds to the theme of this piece. Coins are supposed to get a little dirty and old looking after they’ve been used several times. They don’t remain shiny forever. So I don’t have much problem with how it looks now. Plus it’s sit’s perfectly with this low v-neck shirt. This necklace was from River Island last year. But I have seen these types of coin necklaces in stores in lots of different places at the moment, as well as a few places on online botiques. Therefore, you won’t have trouble picking up a similar one anywhere. There’s also a double coin one from River Island here for a great price of £6!!!

Accessories - Dainty Necklaces

Finally, this is one is inspired by Kim Kardashian and a great dupe for one of the bar necklaces she had been snapped wearing before. I loved how effortless yet chic it looked. I just had to have something similar because obviously I probably wouldn’t be able to pay the price she did for hers. I found a great dupe in H&M last year and my Mum was kind enough to give it to me for my birthday. Although it is discontinued now, you can still get this design of necklace in high street stores if you have a look around and online. Places like Etsy are great for dainty jewellery bits and I’ve seen plenty of bar designs like my one above. This necklace has got so much wear out of and I love how easy it is to pair with so many different looks. 

What are some of your favourite pieces from your jewellery collection? Do you like dainty necklaces? 

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14 thoughts on “Accessories – Dainty Necklaces

  • Oh my gosh I want them all haha, I love dainty jewellery, but then again I also like bold statement pieces, I love a bit of a mix!! The coin necklaces are something I've been seeing a lot recently and I really want to get on trend and get one!! xxxBecky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    • Haha yes I like statement necklaces too!! Just add that extra detail to any outfit, even the most basic ones. You should so get one!!xx

  • I tend to go for dainty jewellery too 🙂 River Island and Topshop are some of my favourite places to get jewellery. I know it won't last long but fashion changes and it's a great way to switch things up xx Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • I absolutely love the hope necklace, it's so dainty and pretty! I'm a big fan of dainty and minimalist jewellery like the bar one – I find Topshop, ASOS and Primark are all fantastic for their price point!Katie || KNEL xx

    • Me too! They look so pretty and minimalistic. I love Topshop and Primark's jewellery. I've never tried any from ASOS though x

  • Awhh these are lovely! I'm a massive fan of simple necklaces – most of mine are from H&M too, their jewellery line is fab! xAlways, Alice

  • Great pieces! I'm always a sucker for dainty jewelry too. I love layering dainty necklaces as well. Nice on those indecisive days :)

  • These dainty necklaces are so pretty! It's so cute how you have a nice meaning behind the beautiful 'hope' necklace. I love how chic the bar necklace looks and the coin necklace looks really cool, I've never actually seen any before. I might be on the hunt for some necklaces now haha xCeleste |

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