A Q&A With My Boyfriend

A Q&A With My Boyfriend

You’re probably already tired of all the Valentines stuff floating around at the moment, but I really wanted to do a loved inspired blog post today and do a little Q&A with my boyfriend, Matt. I thought it would be something different on my blog and be a nice way to feature the both of us. We also filmed a video on Matt’s new Youtube channel where we did the very popular Girlfriend Buys My ASOS order. So if you’d like to see that after reading this, then I’ll leave the link to it at the bottom of this post. Let’s get onto the questions…

When and where did you meet? 

M: Obviously at Cromer, but I don’t know when. 

L: I do. I know when. The 28th of May was when we first met up. But we actually met on Tinder!(good ol’ Tinder, ey?)

If you have no idea where Cromer is, then it’s a seaside town near where we live in Norwich. 

What/where was your first date?

M: Cromer! We played in the arcades. I got some…no did I get some donuts? 

L: No you didn’t. 

M: Did I get any food?

L: No. We just played in the arcades and then we sat on that wall, didn’t we?

M: Oh yeah and then we went back to mine. 

What was your first impression of each other?

M: Funny.

L: Really? 

M: Shy.

L: I thought…(*laughs embarrassedly*) you know what I’m going to say about your thumb ring? (*he gives me a weird look) you smelt nice and I don’t know I just thought you were really kind. 

M: N’awww.

L: I can’t say the same anymore but… (*laughs again*)

Disclaimer: I have a thing for guys with thumb rings. It all started when Liam Payne from One Direction wore one in 2010 on the X Factor and then went from there. Weird I know. 

What’s your favourite thing to do together?

M: We go to Cromer quite a lot. (We literally do. It was like every weekend during the Summer.) Or just sleep. 

L: Sleep?!

M: Clothes shopping..I don’t really know.

L: Do you know what mine is? Laying in bed together watching TV shows like Game Of Thrones and eating pringles. 

Who is the more romantic one?

M: Me!

L: No you’re not…who’s doing a nice thing for you everyday up until Valentine’s day? 

M: Yeah ok you can have that.

What is the other good at? 

M: Photography

L: *in a really high pitched girly voice* Aww really? 

M: *copies the voice in a mocking way* Yeah

L: I’d say you’re really good with your hands…and I mean that in like a practical way not like a sexual way. *laughs*

What’s your favourite thing about each other?

M: Your shyness…I don’t know. Your big boobies and your smile. 

L: Yours is that you never fail to make me laugh. 

What’s your favourite memory together?

M: I’d say Centre Parcs. Both times. 

L: Yeah or New Market. 

M: Oh yeah I liked that as well. We want to go back next year, don’t we?

L: Yeah or when we use to always sing Ed Sheeran’s album in the car on journey’s. That was the best.

What’s your favourite picture of each other?

M: Newmarket one…

L: Mine’s the one at the beach with the sunset.

A Q&A With My Boyfriend

What do you both hope for in the future?

M: To have a nice happy family. And have a nice house. And you to cook for me everytime I come in from work. 

L: I don’t think so…

M: And breakfast in bed every morning and for you to do my lunch. And that’s it really!

L: So basically I’m a slave. 

M: And run me nice baths on a Friday after work.

L: I do make nice baths. Am I just going to be at home 24/7? *he nods* My hopes are for the same really apart from the part where I become the slave. But I’d love a family one day and a house of my own that I’ve decorated and that. I’d also love to feel happier within myself and well physically and mentally.

What’s one thing you hope for in the future?

Lauren x

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