8 Planners & Diaries To Help You Get Organised In 2020

8 Planners & Diaries To Help You Get Organised In 2020

I know everyone says it but I honestly cannot believe how little weeks we have left until the end of the year. If you’re anything like me and you love your stationery, then you might have begun to have a look around for a new planner or diary to help you to get organised in 2020!

In today’s blog post I’ve gathered today 8 planners and diaries you can use to help you to get organised in 2020. The past few years I’ve found having a planner or diary of some kind has really helped me to stay on track, get motivated and smash my to-do list from week to week.

So they’re definitely worth investing in!

Kikki K – Sweet Hard Cover Weekly Diary Pale Pink Woodland 

Can I just start off by saying how dreamy is Kikki K’s range of products?

It is so swoon-worthy!

Starting off with this Hard Cover Weekly Diary in Pale Pink Woodland themed is such a simple but effective looking diary. The quote on the front in gold font with the phrase ‘a year of possibilities’ is such a nice added touch. There are also cute illustrations throughout the diary that relate to a woodland theme.

Inside you have a range of features including yearly view, monthly view, weekly view, pages for your wishlists, addresses, movies, books, restaurants and more! It comes with stickers which you can use to customise your diary.

This one is great for staying on track and making notes on different areas of your life!

Busy B’s Perfect Planner 2020 – Safari Nights

I have been using one of Busy B’s goals planner throughout 2019 and I have loved it. They’re diaries and planners are great and so reasonably priced as well.

This Perfect Planner 2020 in Safari Nights comes with so many good features that will be appropriate for everyone who is wanting to get organised in 2020.

This planner is aimed at saving you so much time, hassle and stress by keeping everything stored in one place, as well as keeping you on track and organised. At the front section of this planner, you can plan your year with a 2020 and 2021 yearly view, a birthday list and monthly planners.

Throughout the diary is a weekly spread so you can keep on track throughout each week with also a space for any notes you have. Some cool features this planner has is an expenses tracker to help you keep on track with your saving and spending, tear out lists for your to-do lists and a removable notebook. You also get stickers!

This one sound’s so good for the price in my opinion.

8 Planners & Diaries To Help You Get Organised In 2020

Paper Chase – A5 Get Things Done 2020 Diary 

This is the planner you need if you seriously want to get things done and need the help of a diary to help boost your motivation so you can smash your year. The A5 Get Things Done 2020 Diary by Paper Chase is the ultimate diary to help you get your life together.

It comes with a day to day page for you to plan your day ahead from your objectives for the day, to a timed schedule, important notes you need to note down, a reminder to carry out some ‘me’ time and a reflective activity at the end of the day to help you focus on the positives from that day.

Whilst this one doesn’t have as many features as the previous diaries above, it still sounds like a great planner for getting you organised and giving you the motivation you need to get things done. I love the additional details of focusing on self-care and working on your positive mindset.

Papier’s 2020 Diary in Colourblock Pink and Red

This 2020 diary from Papier can be personalised and comes in a range of other colour options. This one is definitely more on the luxury side of the price range but Papier’s collection in-general is one of great detail and high quality.

A 2020 and 2021 year view, a month view for each month with a to see and do section, monthly goals, to-do list, important dates and wish list are just some of the features included in this diary. There are also 35 pages at the back for additional notes include blank, dotted, lined and grid paper.

This would be a great Christmas or Birthday gift choice for someone in your life who loves or needs to get organised for 2020 or maybe even something you could pop on your own list!

8 Planners & Diaries To Help You Get Organised In 2020

Sainbury’s 2020 Floral A5 Day To Page Diary 

I’ve had Sainbury’s diaries in the past and always found them to be really good. Well to-be-honest, their whole stationery section is so beautiful but for really reasonable prices. So they’re definitely worth checking out!

Unlike some of the other diaries above, I believe this Floral A5 Day To Page Diary doesn’t have a week to week view. Instead, it has a day to day view which is what my last diary from them was. I found this great for writing my to-do list for the day ahead and any important notes down on each page so I could just focus on one day at a time rather than the week.

Typo’s 2020 A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary

This one comes in a range of different prints and colours so there is definitely something there for everyone’s tastes whether you want a bold or bright colour or a tropical or marble themed print, it’s got it.

This one comes with a weekly and day to day view so it has a good range of pages for you to organise and plan your week. Each day also has times down the side of the page so you can plan your schedule by time. This can be great if you want to get better at time management and making most of the time you do have amongst a hectic schedule.

The A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary also comes with extra pages and activities to do within the diary so it’s not just a simple planner.

8 Planners & Diaries To Help You Get Organised In 2020

CGD LONDON Getting Stuff Done Daily Planner

If you really want something to ensure you keep motivated and on track day by day then this Getting Stuff Done Daily Planner by CGD London is a great investment. Its main aims are to help you stay on track, combine your work goals and personal ones and to help you organise your life.

There are 288 pages for you to use, so if you don’t need to write your plan for the day every single day so for example on Saturday’s or Sunday’s, then you don’t need to worry about missing out any pages.

You can date the pages according to that current date and you write beside it a quote of the day. So it could be anything from your favourite quotes to something inspiring and powerful. Below that you then have space to write your plans for the day ahead.

On the next page to that you then have the option to fill in the meal plan if planning your meals is something you’re into or want to set as a goal, then there is a grid of each meal including a space for snacks included. There’s also a section for your shopping list and expenses.

Below that you also have a section for keeping on track with your exercise routine, how much water you’ve drunk that day, self-care and any personal notes you have.

This is a great all-around planner!

M&S Stylish Grey 2020 A6 Diary

This handbag size M&S Stylish Grey 2020 A6 Diary is perfect for on the go and getting organised whilst you do in 2020. It comes in this classic stylish grey with gold foil lettering with the words ‘twenty 20’ on the front of it.

This week to week view diary helps you plan your week and keep on track as you go through the week whether you’re on the go, at your desk or planning your week ahead on a Sunday night. It also has useful facts and figures, notable dates, note pages, personal information section and a 2021 calendar section so you can start planning for the upcoming year ahead.

How are you getting organised in 2020?

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