8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween

It’s over a couple of weeks now until that spooky time of the year hits once again. Halloween is one of the autumn’s top celebrations and is usually associated with  being more suitable for kids. But why does the fun have to stop when you reach a certain age? You can still celebrate halloween at any age and in whatever way you want to. I’m personally not a huge go all out halloween kind of girl, but I still try to embrace it in someway. If you’re like me or just need some ideas on how to celebrate this year, then I’ve got 8 fun ways to celebrate halloween below…

1. Bake some halloween treats – Baking is fun to do all year round, but it can be even more enjoyable when you can get creative with a seasonal theme. There’s so many different ideas you could do and Pinterest is swimming with a whole range of halloween themed baking ideas. You could purchase some halloween cookie cutters and bake some biscuits in the shape of halloween creatures, which you can then decorate in a spooky way. Another good idea is to bake some cupcakes and decorate them in a halloween theme, such as white buttercream icing into a ghost like shape. 

2. A scary/halloween movie marathon – If you’re into your scary films, then why not gather together some of your favourite films and have scary/halloween themed movie night. Watch all your favourite films and fully embrace the spooky night ahead by turning off the lights and grabbing some tasty snacks. You could also invite some friends over or snuggle up to your partner to enjoy the marathon with. 

3. Carve pumpkins – This is such a throwback to when I was younger, but carving pumpkins is a great way to have fun and celebrate halloween. You could head down to your local pumpkin patch, pick out your favourite pumpkin(s) and bring them home to carve. You could get really creative and do all different kinds of designs. Or you could host a competition amongst your family or friends to see who has created the best pumpkin. Once you’re done, sit them in the inside of your window for others to enjoy too.

4. Plan and throw a halloween party – If you have the time and space, invite some of your loved ones over and host a halloween themed party. You can decorate the house in a spooktacular theme, get everyone (yourself included) to dress up and order in some delicious halloween and party themed treats for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great way to spend the night!

5. Decorate the house – Even if you’re not planning on throwing a big party or don’t have little ones running around embracing all things halloween, you can still have the chance to decorate the house and add little touches of halloween to your home. Lot’s of different places sell little halloween decorations for your home. If you live in the UK supermarkets, The Range and Tkmaxx are the best places to have a look for affordable pieces. I’ve put a little sparkly pumpkin up on my shelf and also have some pumpkin lights to put up. You don’t have to go all out, but you can easily still have a little something there.

6. Take the little ones trick or treating – If you have any children yourself, maybe little siblings, nephews or nieces, cousins, family friends etc, offer to take them out trick or treating. It’s a great way to remind yourself of what it’s like to be young and head out to hopefully get lot’s of treats for your basket. You might even end up getting something yourself a little treat. 

7. Put sweets out – You never know if anyone might try trick or treating at your door and if you’re feeling generous, then pop some sweets by the door ready to hand out or even be kind enough to sit them outside your door for people to take when coming past. It’s the simple things remember and you could make someones day.

8. Go on a ghost walk – You don’t always have to stay in, you could look to see what events are happening in your town or city. Ghost walks are a great way to get out and welcome all things halloween. Not only will you be active and most probably socialising, you’ll also be learning lots about your local area and it’s something different to the bog standard activities. 

What are your plans for Halloween?

Lauren x

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16 thoughts on “8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween

  • I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween but I really like to carve a pumpkin, its such a fun activity to do together! xxwww.natalieleanne.com

  • I'm planning a movie marathon with my friends for Halloween + a slumber party! I'm so excited, it looks like I'm 12 years old! :)www.letmecrossover.blogspot.com

  • Some great ideas Lauren! I think I am going to bake some treats – there are some great recipes floating around Pinterest at the moment! How're you spending your Halloween? xwww.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    • Thanks so much, Amber! Pinterest is a great place to go. I'm going to the football with my boyfriend haha. Not very halloweeny at all xx

  • Great post! I really want to start baking halloween treats, there are so many great ideas out there!xxHannah | luxuryblush

  • Yes to all of these! This was such a fun post to read, it has me excited for Halloween. I'm definitely having scary movie marathons, baking and decorating all that I can. The fun definitely doesn't have to end as we grow older, I'm still so excited! xxSending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

  • So many handy tips.Thanks for sharing.xxhttps://theonethattravels.wordpress.com/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zn7IqrAY1I44bRuN6dH-Q

  • Loved reading these wonderful 8 ways to celebrate Halloween. I just love everything around me on this fun day. I liked to host a do it yourself party every year. This time we hosted a funky kids’ friendly dinner party at the best LA venue which was just epic.

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