7 Ways To A Better Makeup Application

7 Ways To A Better Makeup Application

When it comes to makeup, we can all have similar interests in particular products or the type of looks we create, but what differs is how we apply our makeup. I remember when I studied beauty a few years ago and I was surprised at how different everyone single one of us applied makeup. Everyone does things different, whether that’s the order we do things in or the way in which we apply our products. In today’s post I wanted to share with you 7 ways you can achieve a better makeup application to help avoid any mistakes and therefore have a smoother process.

1. Prep and prime your skin 

Before you decide to put on your makeup, preparing your skin for your makeup application should be the first thing you do. I know in the past when I’ve been in a rush or have been too lazy to do my skincare routine, my makeup hasn’t applied as well as it would have if I had applied my skincare products. When you prep your skin for makeup, you’re giving yourself the chance to start with a fresh and clean base that isn’t full of dirt. You’re also helping to take care of any problems such as dryness, excess oil or blemishes etc which might influence the way your makeup applies. Once you’ve carried out your skincare routine, you can prime your face ready for your makeup application. This will help keep your makeup on your face for longer by giving it a good base to stick to.

2. Do your eye makeup first

Now with this one I feel like everyone will have a preference in where their eye makeup comes in their makeup application process. For me I always use to start with eyes, but now I do that somewhere in the middle. It’s entirely up to you, but what is great about doing your eye makeup first is that you will not then ruin your base makeup if anything goes wrong when you’re doing your eyes. This will help avoid fall out from any eyeshadow products that may have the tendency to drop off the brush, you can help cover up any mistakes or poor blending when you come to applying your base afterwards and if you’re someone who struggles with eye makeup then you can use tape for a preciser liner or finish without ruining your base. It’s sound’s logical, right?

3. Layer your products

When I look back at photos from the good ol’ days of the Dream Matte Mousse foundation, all I can think about was how heavy and thick it made my foundation look on my skin. I don’t know about you but I’d rather forget about those awful times and instead stick to layering up my products for a fuller coverage. Layering your products helps to create a more natural buildable coverage. It helps you to blend more evenly and also can help you to work it down onto the neck as well. If you’re applying one big thick layer, your makeup is going to look heavy and not as flawless on your face. So it is always best to do it in smaller layers!

7 Ways To A Better Makeup Application

4. Use good quality brushes

Like the Dream Matte Mousse days, I cringe when I think back to using my hands to apply my makeup. Fourteen year olds these days don’t know how lucky they are to have social media platforms what teach them how to apply makeup properly, because I know back when I was fourteen nearly seven years ago now, no one was telling me to use brushes. But they honestly do make the biggest difference. Great quality brushes will help you to improve your makeup performance and technique with ease. They’re also a lot quicker to use than your hands or fingers. Some of my favourite makeup brush brands include Real Techniques, Spectrum and Zoeva. They’re all very much worth the investment! 

5. Apply your makeup in good lighting

The winter sucks when it comes to makeup application. The darker mornings and dull dreary days means good quality lighting is once in a blue moon (don’t us bloggers know it, ey?). This means is especially important to chase that good lighting and if it’s impossible to find try your best to make some good lighting from artificial options. When you have good quality lighting, you can actually see what you’re doing and achieve the correct coverage. You won’t have any harsh lines or shadows disrupting your makeup application. And doing it in good lighting will help when you go outside, because you will already know what your makeup will look like outdoors and in the natural light. 

6. Get your hair out of your face

When I’m getting ready, I always have to do my makeup before my hair otherwise it just gets in the way and I end up getting foundation looking highlights through my strands. Getting your hair out of your face will ensure a better makeup application. You will be able to see your face properly and it will be more visible for you to work with. It also is less distracting and stops you from having to keep move it out of the way. It’s definitely most important to get your hair out of your face when you’re in a rush or can’t waste any time, because it will ensure a quicker makeup process with a limited amount of mistakes and distractions. 

7. Stick to what you know best

I’m not really one to jump out of my comfort zone when it comes to my makeup routine, because I know the products that suit me and have ones that I absolutely love. Of course I’m willing to try new products, but you know when original ones just stick with you and your makeup just doesn’t look right without it? Sticking to what you know best, whether that’s with the products or the looks you go for, can save you a lot of time when in a rush and be an easy go to when you haven’t got a lot of skill or knowledge. It can also work well at improving your self confidence and making you feel good because you know you always have a look to go back to that makes you feel your best. And that’s what’s most important, you feeling your best no matter what!

How do you make your makeup application easier?

Lauren x

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