7 Ways To Beat Those January Blues

Once Christmas is over and you have celebrated the new year, the sudden wave of it being January and not having much to look forward to hits. You might have just gone back to school, work, college or university after the long holiday and you might have found yourself struggling to get back into the dreaded routine you left behind a couple of weeks ago. 

With the dark nights, lack of cash from present buying and sale shopping, trying to not feel so guilty for the amount of festive food you indulged and wishing that Christmas could happen all over again, it’s hard not to be going through the thing we all call the ‘January blues’.

You want to know how to beat this horrible feeling? Well today I’m going to share with you 7 ways you can beat those blues and get back to your happy place.

Read a new book | have a lazy day

1. Start a new book: 

The start of the year is a great time to pick up a new book. You might have received one for Christmas or might have one lying around that you have never had the time to read before. Make January the perfect time for you to sit down quietly and have a read. Reading is great for the brain, it helps to reduce stress, build on your vocabulary and memory, as well as to help to improve your focus and concentration. 

2. De-clutter:

Tidying up and having a good’old sort out of your home can be great for making the place fresh, but also great for the mind. If the environment you live in and spend your chill time in is clean and tidy, then surely it will help your mind to follow suit. Have a clear up of some old things you might have in order to make room for the new things you got for Christmas, get rid of any old clothes, shoes, make-up etc that you might not want and give them away to charity or re-arrange a particular room in your house to make it fresh for the new year. Whilst doing this, why not throw on your favourite album and sing whilst you’re tidying? That’s sure to lift your mood.

3. Have a lazy day/night:

Why not throw on some of your comfy clothes or favourite pyjamas, run yourself a hot bath, light a candle and pamper yourself for the day. Grab some of your favourite beauty products and take care of  yourself. You’ll feel so much better afterwards knowing you have took some time out for yourself. Another great addition to a lazy day is curling up on the sofa or in bed and watching your favourite movies or TV series. If you also like, you might want to grab a cuddle buddy or some sweet treats to make the day even better.

4. Eat healthy:

On the other hand, after a Christmas filled with unhealthy and naughty treats, you might have already made it one of your goals to stick to more healthier foods coming into the new year. If this is you, why not start your day off the right way and make yourself a nutritious breakfast. My go to breakfast that is kind of healthy, is some granola and yoghurt topped with some fruit. It’s delicious as well being great for you! Continue to eat healthy throughout the rest of the day, whether that’s between breaks at work or school, as well as through your main meals at lunch and dinner time. 

Treat yourself | take up a new hobby or learn a new skill

5. Go for a walk:

Continuing that healthy kick, why not go for a walk? If you like you could bring someone along with you like a friend, your family or your other half. This will not only get you out into the fresh air, but it will also help you to do a bit of exercise and also get you socialising. A walk can be however far you like, whether it’s round your neighbourhood for 20/30 minutes or you might decide to go somewhere further a field and spend a couple of hours wondering about. If you’re into your photography, why not bring your camera along and snap some photos of your sights or maybe even take a group selfie to remember the memory.

6. Treat yourself:

You might be tight for money after the busy period, but once pay day hits at the end of the month you’ll be able to treat yourself again. Before then, you could make a list of all the things you would like to invest in or do this year that involves money. Or alternatively, you might have saved some money aside to spend in January or have some Christmas money left over. Treating yourself or planning what you might like to buy, gives you something to look forward to and it helps to make you feel better.You’re thinking of going away? Great, then why not research into some places you’re interested in and get booking that holiday. There’s a few beauty products you have been itching to buy, then why not go out there and treat yourself to them? You’ve been dying to go see your favourite artist on their latest tour, then go book yourself some tickets and start counting down the days until you get to see them. Make 2016 the best year yet! 

7. Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill:

It’s a new year, so what better way to make it a memorable one than trying something new! Is there something you’ve always wanted to but always been unsure, January could be the perfect time to push aside those doubts and try what you have been wanting to do. Maybe you have been wanting to try a new sport, join a club, take a class in something that interests you, learn to drive or maybe even create your own blog, whatever it is I would so encourage you to go do it. If it doesn’t work out, you still have the rest of the year to try again or something new!

What are you doing to combat those January blues?

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