7 Things From November

I’m back with my monthly update post and this month is obviously November. I’m going to be sharing with you 7 things from November. You can check out last months post where I shared 7 things from October here. But for now, let’s look back atย what happened during November!

1. Managing anxiety and getting through the month

November is always a really triggering month for me in terms of my anxiety and my mental health. I have previous traumas from the month of November that whenever it rolls around each year I find myself struggling.

But I am so glad I managed my anxiety in the best way that I could even if at times I felt low and anxious. I got through it and survived. As I mentioned in my October post, my health anxiety had been really bad and in November it was no different, but even so, I’m pleased that I managed to have good days despite how I felt and that I kept going.

2. Getting my love back for creating

November was the month that I found myself falling back in love for creating content again. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t hugely fall out of love for creating content, but I didn’t feel 100% happy with it and found myself feeling more fed up with it than enjoying it.

However, I really found myself back in love with it again and the process of creating content whether it’s for my blog or my Instagram, it’s always a good feeling having a spark for getting creative.

3. Tickets for Harry Styles

So if you know me, then you’ll know I’ve been a One Direction fangirl since the X Factor days and after they went solo, I started to really support Harry and his music, which resulted in me going to his tour last year and of course with finding out he was going on tour next year I couldn’t help but get tickets!

Even though I still don’t know who I’m going with or how I’m getting there or just anything to do with it, I’m so determined to go and find a way to get there because there’s just something about seeing your favourite singer live, surrounded by people who also love them and being able to forget your worries for a couple of hours.

4. I booked a holiday!

I always felt quite embarrassed (and still do) about the fact I’ve never been on a plane or out of the UK before. We could never afford it growing up and I developed a fear of flying because of my emetophobia, but November saw me plucking up the courage and booking my first holiday.

We’re off to Mallorca in June for 7 nights and even though I am absolutely petrified of the thought of going, I know that it’s going to be another one of my big anxiety challenges to face and I know that I need to do it because I don’t want to miss out on doing something I’ve never been able to dream about doing until now.

I never thought I would ever be able to travel abroad because of how I had never been before and this fear of flying and always imagined what it would be like to actually go on holiday abroad, like what I had missed out on over the years, so it feels surreal that I am actually going!

5. Working with one of my favourite brands

I will always be grateful when a brand gets in touch and wants to work with me. I’ve loved Busy B’s stationery the past year so when I saw that I had an email in my inbox from them wanting to work with me I freaked out a little.

I love their stationery and being able to put together some content for them was honestly amazing. It was one of those pinch-me moments where you get to work with one of your favourite brands. I’m honestly so grateful!

6. Cosy nights in

Autumn and winter is the perfect time for cosy nights in. I’ve been loving them recently. There’s something so comforting about getting cosy and warm, watching tv or a movie, lighting a candle and relaxing. It’s just the perfect way to end the evening especially if you’ve been feeling stressed or low.

I know with Christmas just around the corner I will definitely be adding Christmas movies to my cosy nights in.

7. Starting my Christmas shopping

On the subject of Christmas, I started my Christmas shopping in November! I’m not actually usually this early. I usually do mine like the last couple of weeks before the big day but I’ve actually managed to start early somehow this year.

I have a pretty good idea of what I’m getting people as well which is always helpful and saves having to panic buy. Even though I’m a pretty organised person, for some reason I never usually am organised when it comes to presents and knowing what to get people, but this year it’s a whole different story and for that I’m thankful.

How was your November?

5 thoughts on “7 Things From November

  • Glad you got through November ok with the health anxiety. I know that can be really hard. ๐Ÿ™ I had a really down time in October but felt better in November. Been going through a difficult time again lately with various issues, but hopefully it will get better soon.

    That’s great about your holiday! I used to live abroad when I was little but I haven’t been on a plane since I was 4, so not sure how I’d be as an adult anxiety wise. I last went on holiday 20 years ago as a teenager, to Paris but that was on the Eurostar. I haven’t had the opportunity to go on holiday for a long time due to money and circumstances, but would really like to in future. Hope your December is going well so far and wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚


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