7 Ideas For Behind The Scenes Content

7 Ideas For Behind The Scenes Content
Behind the scenes content happens to be one of my favourite types of content to consume.  I love having an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of my favourite bloggers, creators and freelancers processes and ways of creating. It really helps me to feel connected to the person and like I can get to know them better.

So I’ve put together _  ideas for behind the scenes content you can use within your own content whether you’re a blogger, influencer, freelancer, business owner or just a creative wanting to share more behind the scenes looks.

Share a photo of yourself or your team

If you’re a one girl band or have a small team behind your content then share a photo of yourself and your team. I always feel more connected when I know the person behind the content. It makes it feel more personable and relatable that way.

You could make it as natural as possible with you sitting at your desk working, a selfie if you’re comfortable to do so, a day out wherever you are to share more than just who you are but also what you love to get up to or you could even hire a photographer and get some professional shots of yourself taken. You could also even do this yourself if you have a tripod and self-timer to work with.

Share your journey and achievements

I love being able to witness other people’s journeys and to see how they got to where they currently are. I find it so interesting and it’s always fun to bring people along for the journey. It will also be a great way to build interaction because other people might be experiencing the same and have tips and ideas to share with you.

Give a behind the scenes look into how your journey is progressing, where you’re currently at, how you’re getting on, what you’ve been feeling and celebrate any wins with them, as well as making people aware of the losses to highlight how normal failure can be and how you can move past that.

For example, if you have been trying to get better at being confident in front of the camera for your fashion-related content, share with people how you began, what you do to make yourself more comfortable and other tips you have to share. People who are wanting to get more confident or who want to start doing style-related content will appreciate a realistic take on it.

7 Ideas For Behind The Scenes Content

Share parts of your day

It’s totally ok if you’re not someone who enjoys sharing so much from your personal life but if you feel comfortable enough to share parts of your day with your audience then this can be a great way to create more behind the scenes content.

You could share what a day in the life looks like for you so what you do when you first get up right to what you do when you go to bed at night. You can share insights into your working life or even just a normal average day.

If you’re going on a trip somewhere one weekend, why not snap some shots from the trip and then upload them when you return home so you can share what you got up to. People love being nosey and seeing what others are up to so don’t be afraid to post this type of content.

Share sneak peeks

Who doesn’t love a sneak peek?

Sneak peeks are a great way to tease future content that will be landing sometime in the near future. It’s a great way to build hype and get people excited about what’s to come. It gets people to stick around for longer and continuously check in to see what else they can get a behind the scenes look of.

This is particularly important if you have something big launching and you want people to take notice of it. But it can also be used even for more everyday things like a post you’re working on or that week’s new video.

This is something I definitely want to work on doing more as it really does help to feel more connected to your audience and get them involved in different parts of your content creation. You could also get them to share their opinions on what they have seen already whether they like a particular part, what they want to see more of etc.

Share your workspace

One of my most popular types of content is when I share photos or do blog posts with my desk space featured. People love to see a behind the scenes look into where you work and let the magic happen.

It can help inspire them to want to switch up their own space or give them ideas on how they can make their own workspace work better for them because it is a space that you need to be productive at.

Share how you create something

Do you ever watch those time-lapse videos of someone putting something together? Yeah, me too. I don’t know why but I find it so relaxing and inspiring watching someone else create something. It always leaves me feeling full of creative energy and ideas to get stuck into my own creations.

If you’re a massive lover of flatlays and there you’re going to photo style, then take your followers behind the scenes of how you put together your flatlay photography. Share with them how you set up shots, work with angles and experiment with shots. You could even give them a look into your editing process as well.

Not only are you giving them behind the scenes look, but you’re also sharing with them valuable content packed with tips.

7 Ideas For Behind The Scenes Content

Host a Q&A session

Whichever platform you regularly use and have a good audience on, use it your advantage and host your own Q&A session. Instagram is great for this as it gives you the option to put up a questions box on Instagram stories for your followers to ask you questions.

This is a great way to not only interact and engage with your audience, but it also gives you the opportunity to open up more and share more behind the scenes looks into not only your brand but yourself as well.

Q&A’s are another way I want to connect to my audience better as it’s a fun way to interact and start conversations with people. Engaging is one of my favourite things about social media. I love joining in with other people’s Q&A’s.

What are your thoughts on sharing behind the scenes content?

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