7 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Everyday

7 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Everyday

It’s a brand new year and with everyone thinking about the type of things they want to achieve this year, focusing on improving your health drinking more water might be one of those things you hope to do better at in 2018. In today’s post I want to share 10 easy ways you can drink more water everyday and help to change the quality of your life.

We all know how beneficial drinking water can be for our health. It can help improve the condition of our skin and hair by providing it with hydration. It also helps the immune system by straightening it to help fight off illness. Water is also good at providing you with energy and preventing you from getting dehydrated throughout the day. It can also be used as a way to cure any cravings you might be experiencing and it also helps to remove waste in your body e.g flushing out those nasty toxins. 

Now we’ve got a good idea of how great water can be for us, let’s get into the easy ways you can drink more water:

1. Make it part of your routine – Most habits we want to try bring into our lives fail because we struggle to fit them into our current routine. But making time and the space for drinking more water can make your consumption a lot easier. If you’re someone who doesn’t already drink any water at all or you need a good place to start, then schedule in drinking water at a certain time each morning and night. Ensuring it’s the same time each day can really help to keep you into that routine and turn it into a habit. You could even start the day with a glass of water and get the full impacts of the water straight away. If you want to be able to drink it more than just certain times during the day, then always have some to hand to be able to keep up this consistency. Move onto the next point to see how you can do just that!

2. Get a water bottle – It sounds pretty straight forward, right? Water bottles can be a great way to keep you in routine and be a reminder that you need to drink more water. There are loads of different water bottles out there. I always find getting a design that I really love and find I will always be picking up helps me massively to drink more. I’ve also found that the water bottles marked with the times of the day on very helpful as they show you how much you should be drinking every hour. This can be a great way to keep you on track throughout the day and also help motivate you. If you cannot afford or even find one like this, you can easily draw on the times yourself with the appropriate measurements for every hour. 

Water bottles are so great because you can take them wherever you go. They’re great for travelling with. You can keep them at home, take them out to the shops with you, bring them to work or school with you. Wherever you go ensure you can refill it when you need to. There’s also the water bottles you can use for any fitness adventures you go on!

3. Promise to reward yourself – Whenever you’re trying something to new and giving yourself a challenge, it’s always a good idea to reward yourself along the way. We all try so hard to achieve our best, so it’s only right we give ourselves something back. Perhaps you could use your motivation for not only improving your health, but also buying something new for yourself. You could reward yourself with a new outfit, a new style at the hairdressers, a chance to get your nails done, whatever it is focus on that and give yourself the love for working towards your goal. You could even put a time limit on your goal, so you have a clear idea of when it needs to be completed by. For example you could set a goal of drinking 1.5 litres a day. Remember to be realistic. 

4. Set yourself reminders – I’m someone who definitely works better when I have set myself reminders and made a note of what needs to get done. Setting yourself reminders to drink more can be a great way to keep on track with drinking more water. You could do this by setting an alarm to go off when you need to have your next drink, you could set a reminder on your phone on the reminders app, you could stick some sticky notes around the house or if you keep a diary you could make a note on each day of the week about how much water you need to be drinking. By setting yourself reminders you’ve giving yourself that extra bit of motivation and turning your intake into a habit which in time will make you remember off your own back to drink more.

There’s also apps that you can download from your app store on your mobile phones or tablets, such as Daily Water Free or My Water Balance Daily Tracker. These apps are really useful in ensuring you’re drinking the right amount of water and also monitoring how much you actually end up drinking. It can also be a fun way to turn your goals into habits and motivate you with your challenge.

5. Add flavour to your water – Whenever I’ve had discussions about water in the past, there’s always been someone who doesn’t drink water because they hate the taste. If you’re one of these people and can’t stand the plain taste, then a good way for you to still get your water intake is to add flavour to your water. Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are a great way to add lots of flavour to your water. Fruits like strawberries, lemon and grapefruit can be used. Where as Vegetables such as cucumber, ginger and celery are alternative options. There’s also basil, mint and lavender which are herbs that can be added too.

6. Drink your water with meals – If you want to up your water intake more during the day then swap the usual drink you have at meal times with water. I tend to do this anyway as it’s just easier and means I’m still getting my water intake for the day. The also good thing about having water during meals is that it can stop you from overeating because water helps to make you feel full. So instead of overeating and feeling hungry, drink a good glass of water in between eating to prevent this from happening. You can also opt for water in restaurants to get the full benefits.

7. Eat water rich foods – Aside from drinking water, you can also add water to your diet through eating water rich foods. This could be good for you if you cannot stand drinking a lot of water, the taste of it or simply just don’t have time for the constant toilet breaks. Eating foods that are rich in water could be the option for you. Cucumber, zucchini, grapefruit and soups are some great options to start you off.

How much water do you drink daily?

Lauren x

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