6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Makeup For Spring

6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Makeup For Spring

Even though the weather in the past week has been anything but spring like, I can’t wait to bring to you guys my first spring post of the year. I absolutely love spring and with a new season comes changing up things to suit the next few months ahead. I get so excited when I know I can start bringing more spring colours in to my everyday makeup routine, so I thought I’d put together a post on ways in which you can freshen up your makeup for spring.

Swap your base 

Now I’m a girl who loves a dewy and radiant looking base all year round, but spring is the perfect time to start introducing a base similar to the one I love in your routine. Everything starts to get more lighter come the warmer months of the year, so reflecting that in your makeup looks is something you can decide to do. This definitely helps to make your makeup look more natural and less heavy than those winter bases we tend to reach for. You can still achieve a flawless base even if it is with more lighter coverage products. You can also increase the amount of SPF you apply to your skin during the spring time to help protect it from UV rays due to more sun light being around. 

Use more cream based products

I use to be so scared of using cream based products a few years back, but now I really love to use them and find them really easy to use. The great thing about cream products is that they’re really long lasting, so when the weather is warmer and our skin has the tendency to sweat off more of our makeup, the cream based products will stick around for longer than say more liquid based ones. You can also find that most cream products don’t make you look oily if oily skin is something you already suffer with. Also cream based products are great at being lighter and more radiance boosting than powders are in the spring months. They’re also a great way to prepare your makeup for the summer months ahead and get yourself use to working with more cream products. 

Introduce more lighter colours

In the autumn and winter I love a good deep berry lip, but come spring and summer I’m all over my pink lipsticks. They can just be so flattering and brighten up any makeup look instantly. Changing up your lip colour, eyeshadow or blush shade can be a great way to freshen up your makeup for spring. There’s so many gorgeous pretty everyday pinks out there, whilst you can lighten your nude lip options or go for more glossy finishes on the lips to fully embrace that whole fresh look. In terms of blush, opt for more coral or lighter pink tones rather than darker pink shades. When it comes to eyeshadows, swap out your matte eyes for more shimmer shades and those that really make your eyes pop. Instead of going for bold colour choices like you would in the colder months, spring can be the perfect time to strip things back and be more natural. 

Make your spring makeup wardrobe more accessible

Who doesn’t love having a makeup declutter? Everything always looks more organised and ready to use once you’ve had a good tidy up. Now we’re heading more towards spring, it can be a great time to start moving more of your spring inspired makeup products towards your everyday reach within your makeup storage. You don’t have to do this all in one go of course, but a few products every couple of weeks can be a great way to introduce the new season into your makeup wardrobe. By having these seasonal appropriate products to hand, you’re more likely to start reaching for them everyday and using them more often than the ones you have been use to reaching for in the colder season.

Go in with a lighter powder

I feel embarrassed to admit that I don’t powder at all. Mainly because I don’t have oily skin as such, but also because I love that radiant and glow boosting look so much that I don’t feel the need to. I know I probably should to set my makeup in place, but it’s just that I prefer not to use it on my face. But if you are someone who does use powder or like me uses some powder based products, then come spring time a good option may be to go in with a lighter powder. This can help avoid making your makeup looks appear heavy and instead look more natural. This can be a really great way to freshen up your makeup look without going too drastic as such.

Use more radiance and brightening boosting primers

If you are after that radiant glow this spring, then a great way to start off your quest for a makeup look that resembles exactly that is to use more radiant and brightening boosting primers. We all know that primers are great to use when we want something that is going to a good base to work from, all whilst giving our makeup something to stick to and last all day long. By adding a primer into your routine that helps increase our overall radiance and to brighten our skin, we can really achieve a gorgeous spring appropriate look before we’ve even began to move in with our makeup products. 

How do you like to freshen up your makeup for spring?

Lauren x

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