6 Ways To Get More Organised With Your Blog

6 Ways To Get More Organised With Your Blog

If there is one thing that I feel like I’ve somewhat got together when it comes to blogging it’s my organisation. I’ve always been quite an organised person and this has definitely helped me when it comes to blogging. I thought I would put together some ways to get more organised with your blog.

Being organised can really help give you a clear sense of focus and direction, increase productivity and motivation, as well as help you to work on your goals and produce your best work.

1. Invest in a planner/diary to get more organised with your blog

I’ve always loved the idea of a planner or a diary and for the past few years have always had one to get me through the year. When it comes to blogging, a planner or diary can really help you to get more organised. You can use it to track important things, put together your to-do lists, be aware of important dates, plan posts and so much more. Having something physical that you can edit when you’re on the go can be great at keeping you organised and on track with all things blogging.

I use the goals diary by BusyB. Shop it here.

2. Create a blogging related spreadsheet

Just last year I got into using a spreadsheet for my blog and honestly, it’s been the biggest game changer for me in the sense of getting more organised with my blog. If you want something that is easy and efficient in terms of tracking different areas of your blog, then a spreadsheet can be ideal for you. I have three different spreadsheets within my blog related spreadsheet including one for my promotion schedule, another for my blog post checklists and the other for all my brand-related work.

You can use your spreadsheet for things like tracking stats, putting together your promotion schedule, brand work, checklists, whatever you want to help you to get more organised with your blog. I love to colour code different parts of mine to make it a little more clear such as using red blocks to alert my attention to something that urgently needs doing and then green when I have done a good amount of promotion on a post.

6 Ways To Get More Organised With Your Blog

3. Make use of a notebook to get more organised with your blog

As much as technology has advanced and we can do most things online, there’s nothing better than putting pen to paper and using a notebook to get more organised with your blog. I like to use a notebook for things like research and important note-taking, brainstorming ideas, planning posts and other content, to work on my branding and design.

You can literally use a notebook for any kind of planning, note taking and idea creation. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and get whatever is going around your head onto paper, so you can see what’s in front of you and begin to build a clearer idea of where you might want to go next in terms of your blog and content creation.

4.  Set yourself small goals

I always find setting myself small goals can really help me to be organised with my blog. Having small goals to work towards either weekly or monthly can progress over time to mount up to the bigger picture of your overall goal. It also gives you a clearer focus and gives you a sense of direction.

Setting goals helps me to figure out what I’m going to be doing next and therefore I can get organised to ensure that I can get to where I want to be. It’s also a great way at boosting your motivation, knowing that if you get organised, you can work towards these amazing goals.

6 Ways To Get More Organised With Your Blog

5. Set yourself reminders

Whether you set reminders on your phone, in a dairy, on sticky notes or whatever you prefer, reminding yourself to do certain tasks or even schedule in sometime to get organised can really help you to get more organised with your blog.

Time blocking can really help you to not only be productive but to be more organised and to use your time effectively when working on different tasks. Having little reminders throughout the day with these is a great way to get what you need to do done.

I like to schedule a couple of days a week to sit down and get organised with things. This really helps me to keep focused and to keep going. It also helps me to be more consistent because I’m constantly aware of what I’m doing and what needs to get done. This is also great with motivation and celebrating each small win!

6. Get into the habit of being consistent

As I just mentioned, being consistent can be a great way to ensure I’m constantly aware of what needs to be done and ideally what I would like to do throughout the week. Being organised comes into play with this as it gives me a clear guide of what I’m currently working on without the confusion and without the feeling being all over the place.

No one likes to feel like this!

Being organised and therefore consistent with my tasks can play in together with producing higher quality work as a result of this. It’s only been the past few months where I’ve managed to build this habit of keeping consistent and staying organised has definitely been a big reason as to why I have successfully managed to do this.

How do you get more organised with your blog?

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