6 Reasons To Start A Blog Right Now

6 Reasons To Start A Blog Right Now

Creating and starting a blog might have always been something you’ve always wanted to and the whole reason as to why you’ve stumbled across this post. You might have never had the guts to take the plunge and start one. Or perhaps you’ve just never know where to really start and the whole thing just daunts you. The truth is starting a blog really isn’t as scary as it may seem. Sure it may be a little overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of things and ask yourself why you never started sooner. If you need that extra push as to why you should start a blog right now, then here are 6 reasons to try and persuade you…

You get to have a voice and share it

This was something I was so desperate to have before I started my blog. Having your own voice and being able to share it is such a powerful tool to have and one you truly deserve. It gives you the chance to spread your thoughts, your inspiration, views and opinions, as well as any advice and tips you might have. If you struggle with confidence in the offline world and maybe even in the offline world, blogging is a great way to gain some confidence and get your voice heard. It also gives you the chance to get whatever the hell you want out of your head and out to the world. This will help to create discussions and get you interacting and engaging with other people with similiar opinions or experiences to you. 

You’ll improve on your current skills and learn new ones

When it comes to blogging there are so many different skills you can learn or improve on. With so many different processes into running a blog, skills like writing, photography, communication, promotion, public relations, admin and finance and design/tech are all ones you can learn from just blogging alone. Skills you might want to improve on like organisation, time management, productivity, creativity, editing, flexibility, motivation, persuasive, problem solving etc can be worked on and improved through blogging. Plus all these skills can be used on your CV alongside blogging to show to potential employers and be given as evidence during the interview stages. 

You get to be as creative as you like 

Being creative is one of my favourite things and blogging gives you the ability to do just that. You can get creative with so many things when it comes to blogging. You can think of new and exciting content ideas, get creative with your photography, design and produce a new cool and original design to your blog layout, come up with new and different ways to do things, organise events and meet ups along with other bloggers, pitch ideas for collaborations to your dream brands etc. The list is endless and you have so much free space to roam for inspiration. 

You’ll meet lots of new people 

Some critics might put you off blogging altogether because the market is apparently too ‘oversaturated’ already and there isn’t enough room for new bloggers to join. Do not listen to this awful advice. The blogging world has room for everybody. Not one blogger is the same. Come forward with your ideas and join the blogosphere. You’ll meet so many new people who are like minded and build so many friendships. The support you’ll receive will fill your heart with warmth and sharing the love back can bring so much joy. If you’re feeling a little lonely, then blogging can be a great way to stop feeling so isolated and feel apart of something bloody fantastic!

Blogging is free to do

Although some parts of blogging can be paid for depending on completely your own decision, to actually just physically blog and take a photo to then upload to share, it does not take any form of money to do. All you really need is a computer and something to take photos with. You do not need to own any fancy camera equipment or the most expensive laptop or phone. To start a blog it is completely free to do. Plus you can make it a budget friendly hobby to have. Do not feel like you have to buy the latest thing or more and more to just make your blog run efficiently. It can be done without it. It’s really easy!

You’ll learn lots about yourself 

You already are aware that you’re going to learn new skills from blogging, but aside from skills blogging can highlight things about yourself that you might not even been aware of before. It shows you what you’re really capable of and all those amazing things you can achieve if you just put your mind to something and believe in you. Those skills you learn, the ability to put yourself out there and build relationships with people can give you heaps of confidence. It will help you shape into the person you would like to be or hope to be. It gives you the chance to track your growth as a person (not as a stat) and how you have changed over a certain period of time. 

If you’re a blogger, what persuaded you to start your blog?

If not, what is stopping you from starting a blog?

Lauren x

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13 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Start A Blog Right Now

  • I started my blog because I felt like I wanted to share my interests with other people who weren't already in my life, and I'm so so glad I did! Blogging is one of my favourite ever things now 🙂 xxwww.natalieleanne.com

  • I have many reasons why I started my blog. It was because I had so much free time, because I wanted to share my interest for makeup with others, because I was feeling lonely… definitely do not regret starting a blog! xxCarolina's Makeup Life

    • I'm totally on the same wave length as you! I needed something to do to make use of lots of free time. It's great at that xx

  • Couldn't agree more with these points, making a blog is honestly one of the best things I've ever done!Lucy | Forever September

  • Agree agree agree! I love the voice I have from blogging, and I have really honed in on my writing skills and writing style! a life of a charlottex

  • Thank you for this post! I agree, you should blog to have a space to let yourself be heard. I don't think an oversaturated market- if that's the case, is any reason not to blog. You meet so many kind people through blogging! xxSending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

  • I loved reading this post! I have just started my own blog after sitting on the fence for so long! I have no idea what I'm doing but it's so nice to have a creative outlet! Thanks for sharing your posts!Nicolexhttp://www.trouvailleco.co.uk

    • Aw thank you so much, Nicole!! I'm so happy you decided to start a blog. If you need any help or tips, then feel free to email me or tweet me. I'd love to help you out :)xx

  • I started a blog because I wanted to write and share my photos, and get better doing them. This is such a inspiring post and all the reasons, why someone should start a blog 🙂 Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

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