6 Reasons To Start A Newsletter For Your Blog

6 Reasons To Start A Newsletter For Your Blog

Starting a newsletter was always something I never quite thought I could ever do because I literally had no idea what I would share, but once I plucked up the courage to do it last month, I can honestly say starting my newsletter Live Happier With Lauren was the best decision I could have ever had made!

If you’ve always wanted to start one or maybe you’ve never even given it much thought, I’m here to tell you 6 reasons as to why you should start one for your blog.

1. Build a more intimate community 

I absolutely love the little community I’ve built through my blog and Instagram. It’s like catching up with your friends every day and everyone supports each other. It’s just the best.

With a newsletter, it’s just like that but even better. You get to get more personal, relatable and target a specific group of people.

For Live Happier With Lauren, the topics I touch on are mental health, wellness and wellbeing. As you can see, this is a beauty, lifestyle and wellbeing blog, but my newsletter is only aimed at people who are interested in improving their wellbeing, so it will only attract these type of people.

Because I can be specific with who I am aiming my newsletter at, I am able to get more personal and supportive in the best possible way. This can then help to create more engaged discussions and I can build more of a loyal community.

Also due to the newsletter going straight into their inboxes, I am able to send my content directly to them and therefore they do not have to miss out on any content like perhaps they might on my blog or socials.

2. It’s a lot of fun

I had so many ideas for my newsletter before I began and it honestly got me in such a creative mood. I absolutely love being creative and putting my newsletter together is always so much fun. You get to unleash your creativity, try out new ideas, entertain people, as well as help and inspire people.

There’s also the element of giving something for people to look forward to and you also give yourself something to look forward to putting together!

3. Expand your skills and teach others

One of the reasons why I began my blog to was to learn and develop my skills. A newsletter is another great opportunity to do exactly that. It’s a form of marketing and a great way to learn a different side of content creation. It can help you to drive traffic to different areas of your blog and social media.

There’s also the other side that gets you to showcase your skills through the topics you touch on within the newsletter. For example, if you’re amazing at yoga and want to base your newsletter on yoga, then you can present all the skills, knowledge and experience you have within your newsletter to help people who are interested in yoga and want to either try it or become better at it.

4. Develop your brand further

A newsletter is a great way to develop your brand further and give people the chance to truly get to know you and your brand. They will understand who you are, what you stand for and your values. As you progress through each issue and the more you build your brand, the more recognisable you will become to your readers and the more people will want to engage and communicate with you.

I’ve definitely felt closer to my audience since bringing out my newsletter and I feel like it gives me the perfect chance to showcase more of my personality too, as well as build on my brand and what I stand for.

5. You create valuable content

No matter what topic you decide to do your newsletter on creating valuable content is just as important as it is when you create blog posts. Valuable content helps to draw more people in and keep them interested in what you have to say but also what you can offer them.

When people feel like they can come away from something feeling like they got something in return for their time, you are able to help someone and provide value to their experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to offer them freebies (unless you want to of course), but more than you provide them with handy tips and tricks for them to try themselves.

7. Expand your business

If you’ve been after wanting to expand your business, then a Newsletter can be a great way to kick start just that! A newsletter can help you to develop courses, ebooks, coaching, and many other services you might wish to offer. You can target your audience specifically and attract potential customers in.

There’s also the chance to promote your services within your Newsletter to get people to check out what you already have to offer and to further drive interest to your work.

Have you got a newsletter? Do you want to start one?

14 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Start A Newsletter For Your Blog

  • This has really inspired me to start a newsletter! I’d probably do a bi-monthly one to begin with as I don’t have much spare time! I’ve got mail chimp all set up ready. Just need to sit and put some content together/work on branding etc. Yours is so lovely. I only subscribe to yours and one other. Thanks for sharing!

    Samantha x


    • Aw I’m so happy to hear that, Samantha! That’s such a good idea. A bi-monthly one sounds perfect for you. I’m so excited to see your newsletter come together. Thank you so much. That means the world.xx

  • I absolutely love your newsletter Lauren and always look forward to it landing in my inbox each week! I have debated starting my own newsletter but I think I’ll have to wait until I have a bit more time on my hands, but its such a good idea!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Thank you so much, Lucy! That means so much. Aww, I would honestly love to read one by you. You could do a monthly one if you had the time for that?xx

  • Always love having a read of your newsletter Lauren!! Loved reading this! I’d love to start a newsletter one day, I don’t have much time at the moment but you’ve definitely inspired me to in the future! I love the community on my blog and socials too, it always brightens up my day xx

    • Thank you so much lovely! That is so kind of you. I’m so glad I’ve helped inspire you. I completely agree. It’s so lovely xx

    • Yeah it’s definitely something to consider in the future or if you had a little bit of time you could make a monthly one or every few months xx

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