6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

~ This post contains affiliate links. I have previously worked with Soap & Glory but these products were not gifted and nor is this post sponsored. See disclaimer page for more info ~ 

Soap & Glory is one of those brands that will always remind me of when I first started to get into beauty. I love their whole beauty range from their makeup products and hair care to body care and bath products. Their range is just amazing and I’m excited to share with you 6 makeup products from Soap & Glory.

These products come from the Christmas gift set also known as A Beauty-Full House. They’ve all sold out online but there might be some stock left in your local Boots store if you wanted to get your hands on this set. It’s amazing value for money. £12.50 for a gift set worth £58. Each product is also full size so it’s a complete steal!

But if not, you can get each product from the 6 I’m going to be sharing with you individually instore and online.

6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory Love At First Blush – Rosy-Radiance Shimmer Powder

I’ve always heard great things about the blush range from Soap & Glory but actually surprisingly never tried any of them. I was not disappointed when I tried the (affiliate link) Love At First Blush – Rosy-Radiance Shimmer Powder.

This provides such a gorgeous flush of peachy-pink colour to the cheeks. It creates such a healthy glow. Although it is very pigmented, so you only need to light swirl your brush in the powder before applying it otherwise you will end up applying way too much. It also has a bit of fall out but this doesn’t bother me as I love the look it creates on the cheeks from the blend of shades.

I can imagine this is going to look even more gorgeous in the spring/summer-time!

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory Archery Brow Defining Crayon & Setting Gel in Brown 

Having tried Soap & Glory’s brow range before and loving it, I knew that I would love the (affiliate link) Archery Brow Defining Crayon & Setting Gel. The brow crayons that Soap & Glory do are just so easy to use and create such a natural-looking brow compared to most brow crayons that can sometimes create a heavy and harsh definition rather than an effortless one.

I also love how this brow defining crayon is angled so you can really help to define and shape your brows exactly how you want them. My brows also take so much less time now than they used to when I used either a powder or pomade. Now I just pick up the crayon, fill in my brows within no time and then set them in place with the gel.

I never really used brow gel much but now I’m totally converted after the setting gel. My brows really do stay looking pretty much exactly how I did them in the morning come night. Although they can feel a little crusty and sticky at times, I love the longevity of it so I can’t really complain.

The colour match is also really good and isn’t warm toned at all like most brown-toned brow crayons can be. Overall I’m loving this and will definitely be repurchasing it!

6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss – Bare Enough

Another product I have tried from Soap & Glory before is the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses. These lip glosses are supposed to plump your lips and make them look bigger. However, I’ve never really noticed the difference when using these and don’t particularly like the vibrating sensation you get on your lips after applying it.

But I do really like the feeling of the gloss on this-lips once they have stopped ‘plumping’ the lips. They’re non-sticky and have a really moisturising feeling. They aren’t the most pigmented glosses. (affiliate link) Bare Enough is a sheer nude shade that works great on its own for that glossy lip look or on top of a nude lip to give your lips that juicy look.

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot – Instant Perfecting Power Primer

The (affiliate link) One Heck Of A Blot Primer is one that I’ve wanted to try for so long. It’s always really hyped and after trying it the past couple of weeks I can completely see why. I’m not one who usually goes for the matte finishing primers as I love that glowy radiant look but this primer has totally converted me.

I’ve found that with this primer it prepares my skin for makeup application and makes applying makeup a whole lot smoother. My makeup now goes on with ease and my base seems a lot more seamless than before. I’ve also noticed it really does help to keep my makeup in place longer than usual so I’m very happy and will continue to use this despite the matte finish as I can easily add glow to my makeup look through other products further on in my routine.

6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory Supercat Black Liquid Eyeliner Pen 

I will hold my hands up and admit that I do not do eyeliner and probably haven’t done it since 2013 where I first began to take makeup seriously. I am awful at it and cannot master how to do a flick or even get a nice neat line across my lash line. Basically, I’m hopeless at it!

I have tried the (affiliate link) Supercat Skinny Easy Precision Black Eyeliner since my 2013 attempts of eyeliner and surprisingly I wasn’t as awful as I remember being. I actually found it easier than I remember to use. I think it was easier to use because the felt-pen nib effortlessly glided on and created a neat line. Although I did have to go over some of it because it wasn’t consistently pigmented.

The liquid liner is smudge-free and lasts a good amount of the time on the eyes without budging which is great if you want it to last all day or all night. It has a slightly thicker nib than other skinner pens which can make doing flicks more tricky but other than that it is a great eyeliner and works great for a beginner like me who wants to work on their eyeliner game.

6 Makeup Products From Soap & Glory

(affiliate link) Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High Definition Mascara 

Can I just start off by saying how gorgeous is the packaging of the (affiliate link) Thick & Fast High Definition Mascara? I’m a complete sucker for pretty packaging and one that is especially gold!

The aims of this mascara are to provide length, definition and curl. It is smudge-free, clump-free and long-lasting. Although I wouldn’t say it is the most lengthening and defining mascara I have used. I do like it though and will continue to use it but it isn’t my favourite mascara and I think other brands do a lot better when it comes to creating that length and definition.

Having said that, I think it works perfectly for everyday wear and when you don’t want anything too dramatic on the eyes, but you want to keep it looking fluttery yet still natural at the same time.

What are your favourite Soap & Glory Makeup products?

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