6 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

6 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Instagram is the one social media app I have a funny relationship with. I can sometimes go days without uploading and hardly venturing onto the app, the changes and the lack of inspiration I feel being enough to turn me off from it. Where as, there’s other times when I will be crazy obsessed with it, which will include me planning and uploading lots of new exciting content and constantly scrolling through my feed and engaging with everyone’s posts. 

When I am feeling Instagram a lot more, I really do get reminded of why I joined the app in the first place and why it is just so great for blogging. I’ve discovered so many wonderful accounts over the past couple of years and realised I’ve never shared any of them over here on my blog. So I thought that I better change that. These accounts I’m sharing are ones that inspire me and I believe deserve way more recognition for the fantastic content they upload on the regular!

First up is Cally from cally_oneill – one person I truly believe deserves way more recognition than what she gets in the blogging world and over on her Instagram account. Cally takes some wonderful shots of mainly beauty products and occasionally some lifestyle ones are thrown in too. They’re bright and so well styled and positioned. She has a consistent theme white theme running throughout with pops of colour and I honestly just love the photos she takes. I can spot her photos from a mile away! Plus she’s also a really lovely girl and uploads some fantastic blog posts too!!

A fairly new discovery is Faye from fridayfaye, but one I so wish I had discovered sooner and was shocked when I realised she hadn’t been uploading for very long and that she also had only just started a blog. You would never know when you look at her feed or over on her blog. She’s a complete natural. Her theme is so girly with dusky pink vibes running through a range of beauty and lifestyle images. It’s so fresh and flows so effortlessly. Her flatlays are also so good. They’re my main point of inspiration right now. She seriously needs to teach me her ways!

On the topic of inspiration, Vanessa from flipandstyle is also someone who inspires me. She has my favourite colour theme running throughout her blog and Instagram. Pink, white and grey. It has such a luxurious feel to it and I love how she shows a ray of images, not just beauty or flatlays. They’re a good mixture of different things from real life to personal style and beauty picks. She also includes little motivation quotes which I love seeing come up on my theme. I love a good quote! You definitely need to check her out.

One person who has a swoon worthy feed is Laura from lauramillsmakeup filled up lots of pretty makeup and beauty images. It’s so pink and girly too. She takes such high quality and amazing photos that I’m so jealous of. Her theme feels so genuine and real too. I love her makeup of the day images she uploads almost daily. She has such a wonderful makeup collection too. Laura’s also just started a blog recently and I’m loving it. It’s one of my new go to places for makeup and beauty tips.

LabelsForLunch is a someone you can clearly see works super hard on making her feed the glory it is! It’s so bright and colourful. Her images really catch your eye and stand out. I recognise her images on my feed so quickly. I got introduced to her account in a blogger comment pod I’m involved in and I’m so glad I joined because I love her images. They’re so fun and creative. There’s a mixture of different things included so you’re always in for a surprise!

Another account I came across in one of the comment pods I’m in is Amy from theauburnagenda. She has a white and airy theme made up of a mixture of different shots. She shares beauty, fashion and lifestyle images, so there’s something for everyone there. Amy also posts some wonderful makeup looks and she has a great talent! Her cut crease eye makeup she created is so good. She needs to teach me how to do it!

Which Instagrams are you loving right now?

Lauren x

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