6 Easy Ways To Manage PMS

Us girls really deserve to take credit for what we have to put up with in our daily lives, but also what happens to our bodies once a month. It’s well known how uncomfortable and unbearable our periods can be, but for me personally and perhaps you even reading this, you might find the little time before your period arrives (I say it like it’s some sort of delivery?! If only it was, then I could return it when it becomes way too much haha), those stages of PMS, the technical term actually being Premenstrual Syndrome, those physical and emotional symptoms that can literally make you feel all over the place from one day to the next.

I know how hard it can be to handle all those crazy changes happening in our bodies as we prepare our uterus to start shedding itself, trust me, everyone around me knows not to get on my bad side a week or so before my period is due, because the raging bull (as we like to call my pms mood in my house) will start coming out. It’s really essential that this time of the month before our periods and even when we are on, we look after ourselves and try to manage PMS the best way we can without our loved ones members suffering too. 

So here are 6 easy ways to manage PMS..

Up your self care

Self care is something I really could not express enough to anyone and everyone. Self care is something we should all be doing, but it is most important when it comes to that time of the month. With all those changes going on inside our bodies and those mood swings, it’s only rightly that we are taking the best care of ourselves that we can. Remember to do the things that you love and what bring you joy to help boost those feel good hormones. They will help to minimize those raging ones. Also relax and chill as much as you can and also want to. Take it easy when you can and catch up on any rest you might have missed over the past couple of weeks. Give yourself a little pamper to make yourself look and feel your best. Perhaps even consider asking someone to give you a nice soothing massage or treat yourself to a professional one to make you feel extra special. 

Give into those cravings

I think there is a lot of mixed opinions on this one, but for me I think there is no problem at all with giving into those food cravings your mind and body are telling you to go for. There is no harm in it at all and at the end of the day this is the perfect time to treat yourself because you deserve it, so why not? Eat whatever you want in moderation and don’t feel bad for it either. Do it because you deserve to enjoy whatever you want to enjoy and satificity those cravings. It’s going to put you in a good mood if their under control. 

Let in and then out your emotions

With your hormones all over the place at this time of the month and your mood swinging, it’s a good idea to just take how you feel and accept it for what it is. It’s totally ok to feel like this and you shouldn’t get angry at yourself for feeling whatever it is that you feel. This will only make your mood swings worse. Instead let it in what you are feeling, allow it to pass out naturally and let it be. You can easily seek help and comfort when you’re feeling down, sad, worried or angry. There’s no harm in that and people will want to know you’re alright.

6 Easy Ways To Manage PMS

Treat yourself to something special each month

Treating yourself to something special each time pms hits and your period comes around can be a nice way to take care of yourself around your worse time of the month. Period subscription boxes like this one from Betty known as the Betty Box* is a great way to give yourself good to look forward to when your period is due to arrive. The Betty Box* is a monthly subscription box that you can set up so it is then delivered near your predicted period date each month. 

You can also choose your prefered sanitary products to receive inside each box, whether that’s pads, tampons or a mixture of the two. This is such a handy service because it means you do not have to rush out to stock up on your supplies and instead it can all be done for you without the worry. It’s also a great way to give yourself to look forward to and enjoy during those uncomfortable few days. You receive lots of lovely little goodies inside to make use of, ranging from beauty products and stationary tools to sweet snacks and cool accessories. As we all know how low and disgusting we can feel at this time, having these sorts of goodies inside will help to relieve some of that by giving yourself a little pamper and sweet treat.

Betty Box* is definitely a great little treat to give yourself or perhaps even a friend as a birthday gift, especially any girls you know who may have just started their period and need a little cheering up about the whole thing. It can be quite daunting at first when you first go through it, but the Betty Box* is be sure to get anyone smiling at this time of the month! The box also has a little booklet inside talking you through all the product goodies inside, as well as sharing some handy tips on general girl problems like boys or school. 

Head over to the Betty website for further details on how you can subscribe to the box and also check out more helpful tips us girls want to know!

Drink lots of water

I always try to up my water intake when I know I’m going to be due on soon. I prefer to drink water over everything else anyway, but it is especially good during those PMS stages as it helps to flush out toxins and improve your health and skin. If you suffer with hormonal breakouts like I do, always always on my chin, then it’s good to drink lots of water to help get rid of them and nourish your skin with the right nutrients. It will also help to hydrate you all around and can ease any hormonal headaches or bowel problems like constipation or bloatedness. 


This can be apart of your self care, but we all know how important sleep is in helping us to function everyday, but even more so important when going through premenstrual syndrome. Our hormone levels are constantly shifting through this time causing things like tiredness and moodiness. Sleep will help to ease these symptoms. Ensure you get plenty of sleep, roughly between 8-10 hours each night. Rest when you can. Have earlier nights if you know you’re feeling tired or have a busy day ahead of you. Try not to take on too much at once. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and tire yourself out more.

How do you try to manage PMS?

Lauren x

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12 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Manage PMS

  • Honestly period subscription boxes are legit the best thing I've ever invested in. I get SUCH a moody old bitch a few days before my period, then my box comes and It's like my birthday – absolutely love them! jen, velvet spring x

  • I've never heard of period subscription boxes but what a fab idea they are! I agree with giving into cravings, I never grudge myself anything when it's my TOM but I can go waaaay overboard on treating myself – emotional buys! Great photos Lauren :)Amy | http://www.whatamydid.com

  • I agree we should give into the cravings, I think your body needs it. I do try to be more active to help keep my mood better.www.EmmyWritesAbout.com

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