6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

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Do you ever get in that headspace where you don’t feel your best and need an easy way to pick yourself back up again? I want to share with you 6 easy ways to feel your best when you need an extra boost to get you through the day or just a simple pleasure that makes you feel your best.

Get some fresh air to feel your best 

Whenever I feel low or anxious I always find getting outside some fresh air always makes me feel brighter. There’s just something about being out in the fresh air that not only helps to ground me, but also makes me feel refreshed and less stuck in my own head. Once I am able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, it gives me a little boost to make me feel my best.

You could open the car window when you’re driving along, step outside with a cup of tea on your break, go for a walk around the park with your dog, take your exercise routine outside or whatever it might be, give yourself the chance to take in some air and breathe in the outside.

6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

Watch or read something inspirational

Something that instantly makes me feel my best and like I could take on the world is reading or watching something super inspirational. It might be a quote I’ve seen on Pinterest, reading an inspiring post from another blogger or watching a powerful Youtube video that can give me that added boost of inspiration I might be needing or have no idea I need but can really resonate with me.

It’s such an easy to make you feel your best and to almost give yourself a pep talk to go after something or to motivate yourself to do something you might have been putting off out of fear.

Put on some perfume to feel your best 

Now, this may sound kind of basic, but I know whenever I want to feel my best and perhaps I’m heading out, then I’ll reach for my favourite perfume of the time. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with Lady Million* by Paco Rabanne which I was kindly sent from The Fragrance Shop as part of their Scent Addict monthly subscription service.

Not only is this a great way to test out different fragrances without the hefty price tag, but putting on perfume is also a great way to make yourself feel confident and put together. This also adds to the overall feeling your best self-feeling you get from feeling more together.

I love the sophisticated and feminine scent that Lady Million* holds. Even just the name itself screams confidence and power to me. I always find perfume is a great way to set your inner mood and if you smell good then you’re going to feel good too.

6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

Put on your favourite lipstick 

Adding to feeling your best self appearance wise, I also love putting on my favourite lipstick to make me feel my best. Again lipstick is one of those things that you can make suit your mood. Whether you want to go for something quite soft and light or strong and bold depending on how you wish to feel.

I always have a few lipsticks that I use on rotation that I know are perfect for everyday wear and that I really enjoy wearing. For me when I’m leaving the house with a full face on, no look is complete without a lip product, so lipstick really does help to ensure I feel my best.
6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

Listen to your favourite music 

One of my favourite little moments in life that I love is having a good old sing song!

Music is one of those things that can completely set or change your mood. It has so many benefits to it and really does help you to feel your best. Whether you want to listen to something relaxing to put you in a calm headspace or you want to listen to something uplifting to make you feel happy, there’s something out there for every mood.

It is super easy to put on your favourite playlist or album and have a listen when you need to.

6 Easy Ways To Feel Your Best

Take care of yourself properly 

It can be very easy to allow yourself not to look after yourself properly. So it’s super important that you make sure you take care of yourself properly to get you in the best place possible. It doesn’t always come easy for us to figure out what does make us feel our best and it can take a lot of trial and error.

But hopefully, you have a rough idea of what does make you feel your best in terms of looking after yourself. You might be someone who always feels better after a lay-in at the weekend, working out in the gym, snuggling under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon with a new book or schedule in regular time to meet with friends.

Whatever it is that you do to take care of yourself and look after you keep doing it!

How do you make yourself feel your best? 

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