6 Easy Ways To Create A Flawless Base

6 Easy Ways To Create A Flawless Base

A flawless base is something that sounds hard to achieve if you believe you have too many imperfections. Whilst I am a firm believer in that no one is perfect and you should embrace any imperfections you think you have, a flawless base to our makeup look can really help us to feel more confident and beautiful in our own skin. It also helps the rest of our makeup sit on our face properly and enables the whole makeup look to come together as a finished look. So in today’s post I’m going to share 6 easy ways to create a flawless base to your makeup..

1. Prep your skin before hand – Before any makeup look is applied, you need to prep your skin before hand. This is especially important if you want to create a flawless base. You’ll need to carry out your everyday skincare routine and ensure you also prime your skin before applying your makeup to ensure it lasts all day long. Make sure you are cleansing your skin properly with a cleanser to remove any dirt from your skin and ensure it is fresh for an easy application. You should also ensure you are using an exfoliator to help remove any dead skin cells. A moisturiser is also a good shout to help with hydrating your skin and getting rid of any dry patches that you might possibly be prone to. And of course ensuring you use that primer to not only give your foundation a good surface to stick to and enable your makeup to last longer, but it also helps to smooth the skin’s texture and make it more even.

2. Layer your foundation – Once your skin is prepped, you need to move onto your foundation application. To create a flawless foundation base you need to first decide what makeup applicator tool you will be opting for. For me two options stick out when working towards a flawless finish. A beauty blender sponge will help your skin absorb the product and avoid any makeup lines from appearing around the face. They are also so easy and light to use on the skin. The second is a stippling blush. Due to the style of hairs on the brush, it will help to create an even application. In terms of foundation choices, you do not necessarily have to opt for the fullest coverage for a flawless base. It can easily be achieved with any coverage which you can decide how much you build it up. 

When applying your foundation, you want to build it up in layers to the coverage you desire. You want to avoid applying your foundation in one thick layer. This will not create a flawless base. Instead it will look cakey and heavy. You want it to look seamless and almost natural looking. For an even application, start from your nose and work your way out. Blending it in lightly, then applying another layer until you reach the coverage you want is a good guide to follow.

3. Use a colour correcting palette – This is something I personally need to do more of because they’re such a handy product to have within your collection. A colour correcting palette is an easy to create a flawless base. It helps to correct any areas on your face that you want to help cover up and improve on. The green concealer colour within the palette is perfect at getting rid of any redness on the face. This is because green is on the opposite side of the colour wheel to red. You can typically find redness on your face around the nose and on any blemishes. Purple is good at getting rid of any dull areas on the skin that you want to brighten. Whereas you can apply a peach colour under your eyes to really brighten up your under eye area and banish any dark circles. You can opt to either do this before your foundation or you can apply another light layer of your foundation over the top to bend it evenly together.

4. Set your makeup – Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, it’s a good idea to set your makeup with with a loose powder. This will help set your makeup in place and lock in those layers you’ve built up with your foundation application. A loose powder also helps to remove any excess shine you might have if you have either oily or combination skin. It’s also really great at helping to hold your makeup in place for as long as possible. For an extra helping in keeping everything in place all day long, you will want to set your makeup with a setting spray also. These are a quick and easy to way to set your makeup in place and keep that flawless base on all day.

5. Contour (if you want) and highlight  – Contouring has been a huge trend over the past few years. It’s evident as to why it is so popular as it is such an easy way to create definition to your face. You can either apply your contour onto your skin in a ‘E’ shape or a ‘3’ shape, which is typically along the jaw line, cheek bone and either side of the top of your forehead. You can also contour your nose if you wish to. If you ever feel like your foundation looks flat, then contouring your skin can really help to make your skin look more natural and defined, helping to add to that flawless look.

And I personally cannot do my makeup without a pop of highlighter! If you’re someone who loves a flawless radiant base, then highlight will be your best friend. Of course opt for the shade that suits your skin tone the best, for example do not go for something that is too dark or too light for you, as it won’t match the rest of your look and will not create that flawless finish.

6. Add a pop of blush – To add a little bit of colour back into your cheeks apply a subtle blush to your cheeks can really help to draw your flawless look together. It will help to make you look healthy and a pretty pop of colour never hurt nobody. Again go for something you know suits your skin tone and goes with the rest of your makeup look. 

How do you like to create a flawless base to your makeup?

Lauren x

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