5 Ways A Beauty Lover Can Get Excited For Autumn

5 Ways A Beauty Lover Can Get Excited For Autumn

I will be the first to hold my hands up and admit I’m not a huge fan of Autumn. I much prefer summer with the lighter evenings and the warmth in the air. I love being able to get outside and enjoy being away from tucked away inside. Although I do try to love the colder season by thinking of all the new beauty things that are coming my way since I am such a big beauty lover. There are so many ways a beauty lover can get excited for autumn, but here are five I have put together today..

Rock that berry lip

Ok, this is probably one of the big things I do get excited for come this time of the year! Wearing a berry colour on my lips is something I really look forward to each year and always am sad to say goodbye to come Spring time. I love how a berry lip can suit everybody. There’s a shade out there for/everyone, whether it’s to suit your skin tone or a prefered texture or finish. Rocking a berry lip is a quick and easy to get excited for autumn.

Wear warm toned and autumn inspired eyeshadows 

Similar to wearing a berry lip, autumn is the perfect time to start getting out all those gorgeous warm toned and autumn inspired colours from your makeup collection. Just the other day I picked up this gorgeous warm rustic inspired palette from Make Up Academy and it actually got me excited for autumn. The colours are gorgeous and so easy to wear. Their not too out of my comfort zone either. It is entirely up to you how much you incorporate these sorts of shadows into your makeup looks, you can do a subtle inspired look or go full out there, it’s completely your choice, but know the options are there throughout the next few months to really warm up your eyes.

New autumn ranges and new product releases

Most brands bring out new ranges or products to go inside with the new season. This can be a very exciting time for a beauty lover because who doesn’t love trying out new makeup. Think of all the exciting product that are upcoming and how much fun you can have testing them out. New ranges could be from your favourite makeup brands, trusty skincare favourites, an autumn themed bath and body range, new polishes for your autumn themed nails or colder month haircare saviours. 

Swap your makeup and beauty drawers(s)

This might perhaps seem like a task at first, but it will definitely get you hooked in and excited to see all those products you had forgotten about coming back to your attention. Swap out those summer based products you have been using the past few months and bring forward all your colder month appropriate picks. This might also be a good time to have a declutter and get rid of anything you might not need anymore. Remember this will help make room for all those new releases. 

 Switch up your formulas, coverages and finishes

When it comes to autumn makeup, it might be a little different from the makeup look you had been opting for throughout the warmer period. Autumn typically makes way for more matte finishes, less cream products and more powder based, fuller coverages and a whole load of new shades to work with. Powder, matte and fuller coverages tend to work better during the colder months as they are more weather appropriate. This can also be a good time to experiment with finding out what coverage, finish or what type of products you prefer to use as you can test out all of them. 

What makes you excited for Autumn?

Lauren x

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