5 Things You Don’t Need To Be Happy ft JewelleryBox*

5 Things You Don't Need To Be Happy ft JewelleryBox*

We’re in a world where everyone is striving to be happy, to find happiness to make their life more of a happier one. People will seek many different things to reach this desired level of happiness and sometimes these particular things do not provide us with the happiness we once expected. Because reality is that we don’t necessarily need these things to actually be happy or reach a expected level of happiness. Instead we can find them in other alternatives that will probably end up being more genuine. But here are some of the things you don’t need to be happy:

1. Control – I’ll throw my hands up and admit I’m a bit of control freak. I hate being out of control and as anxiety sufferer it does make sense as to why I am like that. But the reality is that things happen out of your control. You cannot control every situation otherwise life would be easy and we would all breeze through (if only, ey?!). Any bad things that happen will pass. It will be ok. It won’t last forever. Just know that it is life and it’s not always your fault. If you try and control every situation and don’t succeed, you’ll probably end up making yourself feel miserable when things don’t go your way. But having a lack of control can sometimes be a good thing, especially when it brings us new and exciting changes into our lives. So just relax and take a step back! You never know what could happen.

2. Living a materialistic life – Of course having a decent amount of money in our back pockets can provide us with security and sustainability, but using money as a way to provide yourself with happiness can actually leave you feeling unsatisfied and actually quite drained. Money cannot buy you happiness. Money cannot solve all of your problems. Having lots of money or spending money on lots of higher priced items does not make you a ‘cooler’ person or a better person, compared to someone who doesn’t have a lot of money or buys cheaper alternatives. If you rely on money to make you happy, what are you ever going to do if you were to run out? Surely you would feel like your whole world is ending. Instead focus on other things that will make you happy all the time. 

Of course treating yourself is fine. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself something back for working hard or to celebrate an achievement. Purchasing lovely pieces can boost your mood and make you feel better. Like a new perfume to make you feel good about yourself, perhaps a new lipstick to make you feel more confident or even some dainty jewellery to give you a touch of elegance. Jewellery Box have some gorgeous pieces within their range for such affordable prices. I love small and simplistic jewellery that still has strong meaning, like the eternity necklace* featured. Simple things like this can bring you happiness, but a materialistic life that revolves around money and spending unfortunately cannot. 

5 Things You Don't Need To Be Happy ft JewelleryBox
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3. Perfectionism – This is definitely something that has taken me a long time to accept and even now I struggle to imagine that life should be another way. I guess this is what happens when you grow up with social media where everything and everyone is perfect and you were a naive teenager like I was and believed that this was how life should be. And of course this can be destructive thinking this way because it teaches you the complete opposite what life is actually like. Life is not perfect. It can be so unbelievably tough. But it can also be pretty damn awesome. It’s all about balance. There is no perfectionism. It does not exist. If you try to be perfect or have a perfect life, then sadly you’re setting yourself up to fail because it is not possible. You’re only human. We’re all only human. We all make mistakes. Nothing or no one can be perfect. Instead go with the flow of life. Learn from every experience, whether it’s good or bad. You’ll live happier this way.

4. Trying to please everyone – Being selfish is something that in society is deemed a negative. But what is so wrong with putting ourselves first? Why are we taught to put ourselves last and almost neglect ourselves just for the sake of other people? I for one don’t want to live like this anymore. Trying to please people all the time can be draining. It’s neglecting your own self love and care by putting yourself last in your priorities. Something with  mental health illnesses I’ve learned that if I don’t put myself first then I can end up making myself feel quite ill or overwhelmed, which doesn’t do anyone else good around you when they have to see you in distressed state and would much rather see you happy. Don’t feel bad for having to put you first and not pleasing people. They will satisfy themselves. Giving you time to focus on yourself and making you happy. Do it and I assure you that you won’t regret!

5 Things You Don't Need To Be Happy ft JewelleryBox
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5. Being in a relationship – By this I do not mean those with your family or closest friends that you love dearly. I mean being in a relationship, just for the sake of being in one or being close to a particular person. If you’re just with this person for this reason or because the way they make you feel makes you happy and if you let go of that, then you won’t be happy anymore, then you need to take a step back anyway. At the end of the day, you’re the only person who can make you happy. You’re the only one who can please you. Do not depend on other people to bring you happiness. Learn to love and respect yourself first before you think about starting a proper relationship with someone. This will also help to see who really loves you and whom never did. 

What brings you happiness? 

Lauren x

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9 thoughts on “5 Things You Don’t Need To Be Happy ft JewelleryBox*

  • I'm such a perfectionist and I always find that hard to get over. I used to always try and please other people but the most important person is yourself and you are the only person you have to please xx NikitaBLOG//Jasmine Loves

  • I can totally relate to everything you've said here Lauren, especially about putting yourself first! I really do think that the relationship we have with ourselves is one of the most important xxxwww.natalieleanne.com

  • Totally relate to all of these girl, I hate perfectionism – especially when it comes to my uni work! Jen, Velvet Spring x

  • Great post and the points you made definitely resonated with me, we all have a perception of what happiness looks like but rarely will you find it in things. Thank you for sharing xALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Aw thank you so much, Kiran! I'm so glad you liked it. You're so right. We have such a perception of what we believe happiness to be, but it's never necessarily the things mentioned above xx

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