5 Things That Make My Makeup Routine Easier

5 Things That Make My Makeup Routine Easier

Doing my makeup is one of my favourite things ever. Gone are the days in my early teen years when I use to see it as a chore. Now I absolutely love it when I’m getting ready and testing out new products and different looks. I could spend hours playing around with it all. Although this isn’t always the case, especially the days when you’re in rush and don’t have the time to waste experimenting, which also means any mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. There are somethings I like to do to try help make my makeup routine easier..

1. Clean brushes – Using clean makeup brushes when carrying out my makeup routine makes a huge difference in the way my makeup applies and also sits on my skin. Even though I should probably clean them a lot more regularly than I do, (I mean, who can be bothered sometimes?! It’s the worst beauty chore, am I right?) I do notice that when my brushes aren’t full of product, I can really use them to their full advantage. Clean brushes also help to contribute to keeping your skin dirt free, so it’s a must in my makeup routine I need to do more often than not.

2. Eyelash curlers – I can’t be without this tool! Curling my lashes before applying mascara really does help to prep my lashes. They really help to add volume and curl, really helping to lift my lashes and make the mascara application a hell lot easier also.

3. Good lighting – There’s nothing worse than doing your makeup in the dark or in rubbish lighting. Come winter time that is one huge struggle we can all relate to with the darker mornings and less sunlight during the day. Ensure you get close to a big window that lets in lots of light. This will also give you a good idea of how your makeup will look throughout the day in the natural lighting outside. You could also invest in a cosmetic l.e.d mirror like this super affordable one from No7 to help reduce glare. 

4. A clean base – I will hold my hand up high and admit that I have gone out before with makeup on without doing my skin first, I mean who hasn’t to be honest? But as I’ve delved more into the whole skincare malarky I’ve really good to terms with how important it is in general, but also for preparing your skin for makeup. A clean and prepped base is easier to work with, making your products easier to apply and blend onto your face. It also means your skin will feel fresh and lovely ready for your to apply product onto that sometimes can be heavy if you’re not careful. Also it’s good to let your skincare products a little bit of time (5/10 minutes) to sink into the skin and work, especially those like your moisturiser and primer, which will help your makeup to last longer throughout the day. I have a whole post here on making your makeup last longer if you fancy a read.  

5. Tape for eye shadows – When I started to take eyeshadows more seriously earlier on this year, tape was my best friend for helping me to create a neat eye look. If you’re a newbie or find you struggle, then applying some tape under your eye towards the outer corner can really help you to get more precise with your application. It will help to create a clean and cut look to your shadow. It’s also useful for any fall out that you might experience. 

What makes your makeup routine easier?

Lauren x

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