5 Summer Favourites From Nivea

5 Summer Favourites From Nivea
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You guys know how much I love Nivea and how classic their products have been for me since I was young, especially their summer products which are just some of my favourites, so in today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing 5 summer favourites from Nivea. These are the ones I’ve been using recently and have found work perfect for the summer season we’ve been enjoying.

Nivea – Mango Shine Lip Balm*

Would it really be a Nivea post without mentioning one of their classic lip balms?

This one is known as Mango Shine* and as you can probably already tell it smells just like Mango. It’s very fresh and fruity whilst still providing your lips with nourishment and preventing any dryness from happening.

I love the Nivea lip balms and think they’re such a classic, as well as being so easy to pop into your makeup bag or bag when on the go to top up your lips throughout the day.

Nivea – Body Moisturising Mousse in Fresh Cucumber and Matcha Tea*

I’ve already tried a couple from Nivea’s Body Moisturising Mousse range and I absolutely love them, so this one was really no different!

I love how easy and convenient these body mousses are. They’re a great concept and I much prefer using a mousse these days over something like a body butter or lotion. They also seem to be less sticky and absorb quicker onto the skin than other products.

This one is in the scent fresh cucumber and matcha tea* which as you can imagine is such a fresh scent. It’s such a good choice for the summer as it’s just so refreshing and light on the skin whilst providing your body with the necessary moisturise and hydration.

5 Summer Favourites From Nivea

Nivea – Clay Fresh Deep Cleansing Shower Gel in Ginger and Basil*

Another range I’ve tried before from Nivea is the Clay Fresh range which again I love!

The Clay Fresh range does it’s just by cleansing the skin and leaving it feeling fresh, but also making the skin feel so soft and refreshed. I always find they lava up really nicely as well and actually feel like you’re cleaning your body thoroughly.

This one is in the scent Ginger and Basil* which is a scent I wouldn’t usually pick up if it was on the shelf, but one that I surprisingly actually like. It’s very refreshing but still with an underlying musk to it.

Nivea – Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant*

My day to day deodorant is from Nivea and I always find I get on really well with their deodorants, so I had high hopes for Nivea Dry Fresh* and it definitely didn’t disappoint. This one is aimed at keeping you fresh throughout the day particuarly if you’re on the go or participating in any sports.

It smells so fresh but with musk undertones to it so I think it is such a great scent for on the go as you don’t want something overpowering but you still want to stay fresh. It definitely helps to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

It also didn’t have that wet feeling like some other deodorants have that mean you have to sit and wait for it to dry before you put on your clothes, but this one dried really quickly and means that you save time whilst getting ready.

Nivea – Sun Protect + Moisture 50+ Sun Spray*

Whenever I purchase sun protection, I always opt for Nivea!

I find they work so effectively and they really do help to protect your skin from the sun whilst still giving you a nice touch of tan. This sun protect + moisture 50+ sun spray* is definitely no different to the others from the range I’ve tried.

I absolutely love how easy they are to apply and how you don’t end up putting too much or too little on either because of the spray applicator. It’s also really quick at absorbing into the skin and doesn’t leave you with a sticky feeling afterwards.

They come in a different range of factors so there is definitely something there for everyone’s needs.

Which Nivea products do you love? 

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