5 Benefits That Will Make You Want A Media Kit

5 Benefits That Will Make You Want A Media Kit

A media kit is a common phrase used within the blogging and influencer world. It is one that not all of us seem to get and almost wonder what the hell one of them even is. A media kit is something I believe all bloggers need. No matter how big or small your following is. You need to have one. A media kit is the best way you can showcase yourself and your blog in the exact way you want to. It’s a documentation that outlines the key information brands want to know about you and will help persuade them to want to work with you. 

I have a full post on media kits and creating one here if you need more information on how to create one and the sorts of things that should be included. But today’s post is entirely focused on 5 benefits that will make you want a media kit…

It will help you track your stats in a healthy way

As bloggers we’re totally torn between wanting to improve our stats, but not wanting to become so obsessed with focusing on our stats that we take all the fun of blogging away. A media kit is a great way to keep track of your stats in a completely healthy way. Instead of having to look at your stats every day or weekly, you can just focus on looking at them monthly and analysing what worked best or what you’d like to improve on in a more sensible way. This will stop you from becoming frustrated when you’re not growing over a matter of days or focusing on your numbers constantly. 

Having a media kit will help you to track your stats with a better method, to then share with any potential brand collaborators by sending them over your kit or having it on your contact or PR page. Plus they will all be in one place on your media kit and if you do have to look them up for any reason you can use your media kit for quick reference. 

It will give brands a clear view of you and your blog

If you’re wanting to work with brands and want to really showcase yourself and your blog in a particular way, then having a blog is an easy way to do just that. You can include whatever information you want to as long as you are including those important areas too, like your stats, contact information, links to your pages and any services or charges you might offer. It’s also a great chance for brands to see the person behind the blog and what goes down behind the scenes. Including some information about yourself is a great way for them to get to know you and see if you’re the person they’d like to work with. 

It will make you look super professional 

Having a media kit is a something to definitely have if you want to upgrade your blog and to make it look a lot more professional. This is so important when it comes to working with brands as it means you’re taking your blog and work seriously. A media kit will help you to network with brands easier and with the right evidence help you to land those dream collaborations. You’re also going to be taken  a lot more seriously if a brand can see that you really know your stuff and have confidence enough to share your stats and information about you and what you want from blogging. It takes a big step but so worth it!

It’s your time to shine 

Not every media kit will be the same. Not every media kit will have the same details inside. Not everyone is you. Not everyone has your blog. So this is the perfect time to use that to your advantage and use it as your time to shine. Showcase you and only you. No one else. Do not compare yourself to any other blogger or influencer. You are you and you’ve created your amazing blog. You deserve to show off your hard work in a way that is going to reward you for all the time, dedication and effort you’ve put in. Use a media kit to show yourself off and be proud of all what you have achieved. It’s a great way to see everything you have achieved in one place and refer back to it when you need a little boost.

It gives you complete control 

You will be in control of your media kit. From the way it looks, to the way you come across and the information you include. You are in control. It will enable you the chance to not be taken advantage of when working with brands. You will have the facts in front of you and they cannot try to manipulative you when you have from day one provided the evidence. Also brands cannot use assumptions to make a judgement on you or your blog. 

For example, they cannot presume you have all the time in the world if you are able to upload consistent content all the time, so they may somehow assume you will be able to put a post up with them within a matter of days. Your media kit will be able to show them that you have other priorities like working or studying, showing them that you do not have lot’s of free time and instead will be able to give them a rough estimate of when you will be able to finish their work. 

Do you own a media kit?

If not, will you make one?

Lauren x

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