5 Beauty Things To Do At The Weekend

The weekend is the perfect time to not only chill or go and have some fun  but also to do those small tasks that you have been putting off throughout the week. I find I’m more prepared for the week when I’ve been slightly productive during the weekend. Today’s post is all about the five beauty things you can do at the weekend. These are the sorts of things you can do to prepare yourself for the week commencing, as well as cross off anything on your to do list. Plus their beauty related, so there’s still an element of fun if you’re a beauty lover!

Paint your nails – I find the weekend or particularly a Sunday, the best time to give myself a little home manicure. I’ll remove my old polish, trim my nails, file them into shape, maybe add some cuticle cream or a strengthening base if my nails are needing a little bit of treatment, pop a base coat on, find a nice colour that I’ll be more than happy to wear during the week or until they need redoing, paint them and place a top coat on, before waiting for them to dry. Done. Fresh nails for a fresh week!

Take care of your skin – When you have more time at the weekend, what better way to make use of the time than giving your skin some care? Grab your favourite skin care products, perhaps this is a face mask or deep cleanser, anything that you know that works wonders on your skin! Spend the time making not only you feel good, but your skin also. If you’ve been wearing make-up all week, why not have a make-up free weekend and give your skin a rest?

Pluck your brows – I tend to pluck my brows at least once a week. Again the weekend is perfect for taking sometime out to take care of yourself, so why not get those brows in to tip top condition over the two day period. If you’re more of a wax or thread girl, then the weekend could be the best time for you to go book yourself an appointment and get your brows sorted out. Of course, this isn’t a weekly thing. But once in a while, it’s nice to treat yourself to a beauty treatment, right?

Wash your make-up brushes – The next thing is what most of us dread doing, but always get that sense of accomplishment when we finally do it! Yes, you guessed right, washing your make-up brushes! After using your brushes all week, the weekend is great for giving them a good old clean, getting rid of the dirt and bacteria that has built up throughout the weeks usage. Once they’re fresh, you’re ready to start the week with your clean brushes and therefore making the appearance of your make-up look a lot better on your skin.

Have a sort through your make-up collection – Another task we all seem to put off! But I actually quite enjoy going through my make-up collection. It’s always nice to have a shift through, rediscover some old products to give a go again or throw away completely if they just weren’t for you. A great thing to do is give them away to a family member or a friend who you know will make good use of them. You might also chose to rearrange how they look within your storage to give your collection a look new look to it and make it look more fresh! Now it’s spring, why not revamp it to correspond with the season?

What beauty related things do you like to do at the weekend? How do you prepare for the week ahead?

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