5 Autumn Lip Shades Under £10

5 Autumn Lip Shades Under £10

If we’re basing the seasons on what lip shades we all prefer, then I will be definitely labelled as an autumn girl even though I love summer. Autumn lip shades just do it for me. I’m obsessed with them and it’s always one of the things (maybe the only thing) I’m sad to say goodbye to when the warmer months roll back round. I love all those berry shades, those deep reds, the gorgeous plums and the muted browny nudes. They’re all just so gorgeous. I thought I would share with you 5 autumn lip shades under £10 because you all know I love my affordability. 

First up I’ve got three beautiful options from NYX cosmetics. You all know by now how obsessed I have been with NYX since they launched in the Boots stores in the U.K since last April. So of course I had to include them in this post since they do lip products so damn well. The first up is one from their liquid suede range. This is in the shade Vintage and could be described as being a gorgeous deep  maroon colour. It’s quite like nothing I have in my collection so I love getting this out come autumn time. The liquid lipstick itself takes a few applications to reach its full pigmentation, but its super easy to apply onto this lips and dries very comfortably. Vintage tends to last around 5/6 hours before it begins to go patchy, but it’s definitely one worth trying out if you want a bold unique lip colour this autumn. These retail at £7.00 which is a pretty reasonable price for a liquid lipstick. 

The next NYX option is a lipstick and it’s one of my favourite lipsticks ever. The colour is one I can get away with all year round and one I feel suits me so much. It’s from the matte lip range and the shade is called Butter. It is a muted light brown nude. You can easily wear this lipstick as an everyday lipstick and it goes with so many different makeup looks. It is a very sophisticated colour and one I can imagine will suit a lot of skin tones. Unlike other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this one definitely isn’t drying at all and is quite nourishing and creamy on the lips, whilst still keeping that matte finish. This one is definitely worth checking out for £7.00. 

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And finally from NYX, I may have possibly saved the best for last. But I could not do a lip related post on my blog without mentioning the soft matte lip creams. We all know how amazing they are in terms of that amazing creamy and comfortable formula and a wide shade range. Plus the price is just amazing at only £6.00, it makes us always nearly end up buy the whole range. The one soft matte lip cream I am going to be chatting about is also known as Transylvania. It is one of the darkest, if not the darkest shade within the range, which essentially makes it the perfect colour for autumn time as everything is a little more creepier this time of the year. It’s a very dark plump colour that is definitely bold, but also looks so amazing on. I am going to be wearing this so much this year!!!

Stepping away from my favourite brand and delving into a couple of other lip picks I am going to be wearing this autumn. One is a recent purchase and almost an impulse buy since I had left the house without anything on my lips and I can’t stand being out without anything on my lips. So I made a quick dash into Superdrug and found the cheapest nicest looking lipstick I could in the time frame I had. I ended up settling on one from Collection’s lasting colour range in the shade Fig Delight

I’m pretty pleased with the colour choice as it’s more of a reddy brown colour. I don’t have many shades like this in my collection so it’s a great autumn addition for only £2.99! The formula of these are also super comfortable and nourishing, so they are definitely going to be a nice option to wear in the autumn when it gets colder and your lips are more prone to drying out or getting chapped. The pigmentation is also good for a nourishing lip product and also one on the more cheaper side. You do not need to apply more than once. Although it does only last a couple of hours on the lips if you do have drinks or food in-between that. 

Another budget friendly lip option is from Primark’s velvet matte lip range. This gorgeous autumn number is also known as Midnight. It’s a very deep berry plum colour. So it’s the perfect colour for autumn time and definitely a good starter option if you want to start wearing more berry shades, but don’t want to spend a lot if you’re worried the colour would not suit you. The velvet matte lip range comes in a crayon formula, which makes application so easy and is really handy for on the go use. The quality is out of this world from Primark. You would not expect it. But it is so creamy and light on the lips, it’s such a comfortable matte lip option. I also find the lasting power is crazy good! For me Primark just knocked this one straight out of the bag. 

What’s your favourite Autumn lip colour?

Lauren x

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