4 Years Of Blogging – How It’s Changed My Life

4 Years Of Blogging - How It's Changed My Life

Last Sunday marked 4 years since I published my first blog post when I was just eighteen years old, I had just finished college and was looking for something to do to pass the time whilst I was figuring out what to do next. Now four years on, I know it’s quite a big statement to say that blogging has changed my life’ but it truly has made a big impact on my life all these years later.

It’s opened up my social world

I’ve always been a shy person and towards the end of my teens, my friend’s list had grown pretty small because I was out of work and education, not really meeting new people or mingling with old ones due to a natural drift.

You could say I was pretty lonely, to be honest, but blogging really helped to change that.

Of course, I’ve never physically met any blogger in real life (I hope to someday soon) but the online friendships I have made have definitely made a big change to my life. It’s been so lovely engaging with people on a daily basis either through the comments, on social media or in group messages, it’s definitely helped me to build relationships and feel like I’m part of something.

Everyone has been so lovely and supportive. I feel so grateful to have met so many wonderful people.

Blogging helped me to go freelance

When I first began my blog I never really realised how much it would help me in the world of work. I obviously knew that having my blog on my CV would help me in terms of looking for digital marketing positions and it did help me stand out in the interviews I did have.

But I didn’t realise that it would help me actually get my foot in the door of working. For a long time, I have struggled to get a job because of my mental health and to be honest I could never quite see myself ever working because it just felt like a never-ending battle.

However a few months ago I finally took the plunge and went freelance!

All thanks to my blog giving me the experience, the opportunities and the chance to grow I have been able to set up my own business and go freelance. I don’t think I would have ever contemplated going freelance if it wasn’t for blogging giving me that push and opening up my world to other opportunities that are out there not just the ‘everyday norms’ you hear about.

4 Years Of Blogging - How It's Changed My Life

It has opened up my mind

One of the many amazing things about blogging is that you come across so many different types of people from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Blogging really helped to open my mind up to the world and really helped me to actually not be so narrow-minded.

I definitely feel as though I’m less judgemental and a lot more compassionate since starting blogging because I’m more aware of people’s experiences and the things they have been through. It has also helped me to be a better person both online and offline because of it.

It has also helped to open up my mind to new opportunities and experiences helping me to dream bigger and not feel as though I’m always going to be stuck in the same place. It has helped me to have more belief in exciting opportunities working out and being able to put plans in place to benefit my future.

I guess I’m not as afraid to dream now.

Blogging has kept me going

Throughout my time running this blog for four years I have been open about my mental health journey and if I’m honest through a lot of my journey blogging has been one of the things that have kept me going.

It’s given me a focus, a passion and a drive to keep going. It’s distracted my mind and helped me to concentrate on more than just my thoughts and feelings on bad mental health days. It’s boosted my confidence and improved my self-esteem.

Having a hobby has really helped me to get into more of a routine which is hugely beneficial when you suffer from mental health issues and for the majority of the time I didn’t work either so having something to do day in day out has honestly helped massively.

4 Years Of Blogging - How It's Changed My Life

It has helped me to grow

I don’t think there is any question about whether blogging has helped me to grow because if you’ve read this post to this far then you’ll probably be aware of how much it has helped me to grow within the four years I’ve been doing it for.

From benefiting my mental health journey and personal development to improving my skills and getting my foot into the world of freelancing, blogging has helped me to grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible for me to grow or not so soon at least.

I’m honestly so grateful and happy that I decided to start blogging. Even when I had doubts about it a couple of years ago, I’m glad I stuck it out and continued on because honestly it’s been one of the best things I could have done for myself ever and I really hope I can continue with this for another four years.

As I always like to finish these blog anniversary posts with a massive thank you to you the reader. It honestly means the world that you have taken the time to sit down and read this post or even my blog in general. Any support I receive I’m always so grateful for it. So thank you.

How long have you been blogging for? How has it changed your life?

14 thoughts on “4 Years Of Blogging – How It’s Changed My Life

    • Thanks so much, lovely! That means the world. It’s so crazy how beneficial it can be as well as enjoyable xx

  • Happy “Blogiversary”! 🙂 I’m glad that blogging has helped you in so many ways. I first started an entertainment blog in 2011 and started two others since then on different subjects (self help/spiritual subjects and seasonal living). I do them as a hobby and I feel that blogging has helped me express myself more and gain more confidence. I also enjoy reading others’ blogs and commenting. I appreciate you and others sharing your mental health stories, it helps me to feel less alone. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Zania! That’s so good to hear and it definitely sounds like it has impacted your life in such a positive way. I’m so glad it helps you to feel less alone. I can definitely relate to that xx

    • Thanks so much, Samantha! That means so much to me. Blogging has definitely opened new doors for me xx

    • Thanks so much, Emily! Being consistent is so challenging and people definitely underestimate how much it takes to run an active blog xx

  • Yay! Happy 4 years! Anyway, I’ve been blogging for so many years. It has also helped me a lot. It’s where I can express/rant/vent what I feel. I’m now blogging for keepsake. x

    • Thanks so much, April! That’s so good to hear. It’s such a good way to get your thoughts out of your head and in front of you xx

  • Happy 4 years of blogging lovely lady! I have to agree with a lot of what you said here, I think blogging has really helped me to grow and opened up so many opportunities for me!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Congratulations on 4 years, Lauren! I have wanted to take the plunge and start my own blog and it makes me so happy that opthers have been on the grind for years now and succeeding. I never considered that blogging could help with mental health as well. Great job!

    Yaddy | http://www.yaddysroom.com

    • Thanks so much, Yaddy! That means so much to me. It can help your mental health so much. It really can make you feel good!!xx

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