4 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re A Blogger

4 Podcasts To Listen To If You're A Blogger

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and I can totally see why. I love listening to podcasts especially when wanting to relax or on a long journey. They’re a great way to unwind, get yourself thinking and gain tips and advice on a range of topics. Today I’ve gathered together 4 podcasts to listen to if you’re a blogger like myself. These are the ones I find really useful but still enjoyable.

By creatives, for creatives – Lucy from Forever September

Of course, I had to start this blog post by mentioning my lovely friend Lucy’s podcast. She has recently started ‘By creatives, for creatives’ a podcast for creatives or those who want to get into the creative industry. Lucy talks to the likes of bloggers, photographers, artists and a whole load of creatives.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on Lucy’s podcast recently. We talked all things blogging, freelancing and mental health. It’s such a light-hearted, engaging and interesting podcast. Lucy touches on a range of topics and really helps to keep the conversation going. I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

She uploads a new podcast episode every Monday at 7 pm.

Exciting Emails – Vix from Vix Meldrewย 

If you want a podcast that is going to give you straight to the point tips and actionable steps, then Vix’s Exciting Emails podcast is the one for you. Vix uses her chatty and witty personality to provide you with useful and easy to follow tips to up your blogging game.

Exciting Emails gets you to think outside of the box and provides you with challenges based on a whole range of topics. Vix manages to touch on so many relatable topics that you might be struggling with as a blogger like monetising your blog and Instagram hashtags to crafting your social media bio and productivity hacks.

I always learn something new and exciting from the Exciting Emails podcast. It’s definitely one I turn to when I need some help and fast. I trust Vix with her tips!

4 Podcasts To Listen To If You're A Blogger

Blog it Boss it Radio – Holly from A Branch Of Hollyย 

Like most people, I struggle to get motivated but a motivational and powerful Blog It Boss It Radio episode from a Branch Of Holly aka Holly always gives me that much-needed boost of inspiration. I love how easy to follow Holly’s podcast episodes are and how she also includes actionable steps. It definitely helps you to come away from the podcast and have a good sense of what you need to do.

I love how her episodes are varied in topics but also focus on marketing and building your online presence which is something I have a strong interest in. She also includes a back story and a behind the scenes insight into how she uses each tip in her own online journey which I find so valuable and trustworthy.

It’s such an encouraging and inspirational podcast. Holly is pretty consistent with her weekly uploads so it’s definitely one to keep up with every new update.

Letters from a hopeful creative – Sara Tasker and Jen Carringtonย 

Letters from a hopeful creative areย such a good idea for a podcast. It sees Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington provide useful tips and advice in response to letters that their listeners have written in with regards to needing support with their creative work.

They share such great expert knowledge with you and don’t just completely address the person who is seeking the advice, but also include you in the podcast and make you feel just as apart of it. The topics they touch on that are honest and so relatable.

I always come away from the podcast with so much to think about in terms of growth. It’s such an inspiring podcast and one that is in particular great for those who want to grow into more of a business or a side hustle.

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to as a blogger?

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