4 Hand Creams To Help Dry Hands

4 Hand Creams To Help Dry Hands
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Hands up who’s got dry hands right now? Yeah me too! Dry and sore hands seem to be becoming the norm. As someone who has always over washed their hands because of OCD, ย I’ve been suffering from dry hands for as long as I’ve suffered from OCD. At the worst it can be quite painful and irritating, so I thought I would put together a list of my favourite hand creams to help dry hands.

Nivea – Hand Cream Intensive*

This hand cream is one I like to use during the day when I want a little top me up. It’s non-greasy and quick to moisturise into the skin. It doesn’t leave that horrible sticky feeling which is what makes it so great for during the day because you can still carry on with whatever tasks you’re doing and not have to worry about feeling greasy.

I love to keep this one on my bedside table or most recently on my desk so I can reach for it whenever I need to. I wouldn’t say it’s the best for very dry irritated skin but it does work if your skin is slightly dry and needs an extra bit of nourishment. It’s also super affordable so you can easily use it as many times as you like without feeling like you’re breaking the bank.

Aveeno – Skin Relief Lotion

This has become my most recent favourite of all the dry skin targetted products I have tried the past few months. This honestly works wonders on the skin. It leaves it feeling so smooth, nourished and soft. It really does help to get rid of dry skin and also keep it at bay too which is exactly what you want.

I only tend to apply this at night because it is super greasy and does take quite a while to soak into the skin so it is best to use at night when you’re less likely to be getting up and washing your hands or using any other objects. You could even invest in some cotton gloves which will help the product to absorb better overnight and still means you can sit in bed reading a book for example.

This one is more on the pricier side compared to the one above but 100% worth it. We all use it in my house and absolutely love it. I could not fault it.

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4 Hand Creams To Help Dry Hands

O’Keeffe’s – Working Hands

If your hands are extremely dry and cracked, then this one is another great option. Although saying that I find this one can be a little too irritating for me only because it makes your hands sting like crazy at first, but once this has died down, it really does help to soothe and heal any irritated skin like cracking and chapping.

My mum uses this one a lot when she has cracked hands and find’s it works really well at helping to speed up the healing process. I’ve only had to use it a couple of times and found it works well. Again it is quite greasy like the Aveeno, but again, it’s probably best to apply it at night before you go to sleep to let it absorb better.

The Body Shop – Hand Creams

Another great hand cream option that you can easily use throughout the day is one’s from The Body Shop. Their non-greasy formula makes on the go hand care so much easier. Whether you’re sat at your desk working, pottering around the house, taking some Instagram photos, whatever it is, they absorb so quickly that you won’t have to put your tasks on hold to let it sink in.

They’re also super lightweight but still hydrating enough to provide you with that softer and smoother skin feel. I love how hydrating they are and how easy they are to use. If we were allowed to leave the house, I would even say they are great for popping in your handbag, but I’ll save that for a later date.

Are you currently using any hand cream to prevent your hands from being dry?ย 

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