4 Book’s You Need To Read

4 Book's You Need To Read

Since it’s Autumn, it’s the perfect time within the year to snuggle under a blanket, make yourself a delicious hot chocolate and get lost in the world of fiction. Doesn’t that sound so good right now? Whether you’re a non-fiction fan or love a good novel, there’s always something out there for everyone to get stuck into. In today’s post I wanted to share with you 4 book’s that I’d recommend to you all. There’s a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, so there’s sure to be something that you’ll want to check out!

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes –

You might have seen this book pop up in a few of my blog photo’s recently. Not only does it make a handy photo prop, but it is also a great book to own if you’re a beauty lover or someone wanting to delve into the world of beauty. Pretty Honest isn’t like the typical beauty book’s you see on the shelves in your local bookstore. It isn’t full of high quality photographs and a few words here and there. Sali Hughes manages to be humorous and relatable, whilst building your knowledge of real beauty topics that people really do want to read about. It’s like chatting to your best friend and them being able to give you the type of advice you actually want to hear. Some of my favourite topics within this book include how to deal with makeup counter staff, how to look good in a picture, red lipstick and how to pay and receive compliments. As you can see, she covers a wide range of areas. I’d definitely recommend this to any beauty lover out there who wants a light hearted yet informative read.

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher –

A book that I managed to tick off my Autumn to do list is Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. I’d seen this book floating around the internet world for quite sometime and I really wanted to see what the hype was about. Now I’ve read it I can totally see why. The story of Billy and Me is one that we all dream of, falling in love with what seem’s like the perfect guy who happens to actually be a famous actor. This is exactly what happen’s to the main girl in the story, Sophie, whom fall’s in love with an ambitious actor aka Billy. She’s whisked away from her quiet life in the village to Billy’s life that is full of glamour and showbiz. However, it isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. There’s scrutiny, heartbreak and some lessons learned, but what is certain is that this story is sure to get you hooked just like it did with me.   

4 Book's You Need To Read

Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world by Michael Acton Smith –

Another one I’ve mentioned a couple of times, but will always feel the need to praise, especially to anyone who suffer’s with anxiety or struggles to relax because of their hectic schedule. Calm is a book that teaches you easy yet achievable habits to help you tackle the demands of everyday life. This book features inspiring quotes, motivating stories, creative illustrations, helpful and effective tips, as well as presenting an easy way to be more mindful and using meditation techniques to unwind from the day’s stresses. For me personally, I love to pick this up when I can’t sleep at night or when I’m feeling stressed out. I don’t know whether it’s because of how the book is set out with it’s calming designs and easy to read text, but I always find myself a lot more relaxed after reading this. If you’re after something to ease your mind or a starter book into the world of mindfulness, then this is a great shout! 

The Chocolate Lovers Wedding by Carole Matthews –

The Chocolate Lovers book’s are one of my favourite book series ever! Even Mary Berry is a fan. This series explore’s the lives of four best friends, Lucy, Nadia, Autumn and Chantal. These chocolate addicted friend’s gather together in their favourite cafe whenever there’s a crisis. This is also how they got their famous name ‘The Chocolate Lovers‘. The Wedding is the last instalment in the series (for now…), but probably one of my favourites. In this one in particular, you really get into the depth’s of the character’s and it feel’s like you become apart of the story. It’s filled with laughter and tear jerking moments, but one that feel’s honest and raw, a real mixture of what life really is about. If you want a new book series to invest your time in, then this is the one.                                                                                                                                                             

What book’s would you recommend? Have you read any of these?

Lauren x

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