4 Blogs I’m Currently Loving #3

4 Blogs I'm Currently Loving

It’s been a few months since I last shared some blogger love, so I thought it was about time I updated this series and shared with you another four blogs that I’m currently loving. Since the last post in this series, I have come across a load of new blogs that I am absolutely love. I always find it hard to narrow it down to four, but the four I have chosen today are ones that I would highly recommend you all go check out and share the love to them and their fab blogs.

Phases Of Robyn aka Robyn

I’ve actually been reading Robyn’s blog for quite a while now and I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned it sooner. I know I can always head over to her blog to find out all things fashion and style. She always posts great outfit looks, showcasing a mixture of basic, staple and on trend pieces. Whenever I see a new post pop up on my feed, there’s no doubt I’ll end up falling in love with at least one item from her latest outfit posts and add it to my never ending wishlist. She also posts about beauty and lifestyle, in particular one lifestyle post I found that I could relate to was about her job anxiety, something I struggle with a lot. I finally found someone who was in the same boat as me and made me feel less alone. She also comes across as a really genuine person and her blog and social media is pack full of personality. If you love fashion, then you’ll love Robyn’s blog!

Here are some of my favourite posts from her recently:


My Job Anxiety

Why I Love Living In The Country


How To Mix Up Your Basics

Thirteen Thoughts aka Paula


I had seen Paula’s blog floating around my Bloglovin feed for the longest time, whenever I saw one of her posts pop up I’d always have a read, but for some reason I never hit the follow button. I completely made sure I changed that as soon as possible. Her amazing photography really entices you to come over and check her blog out. It’s such high quality and professional looking. This theme also continues throughout the rest of her blog with the appearance of her blog and her writing. Thirteen Thoughts is a beauty and lifestyle blog that shares a lot of useful, inspiring and beneficial information, from every day experiences to blogging tips. These posts are super easy to read and follow along.

Here are some of my favourite posts from her recently:


5 Steps To A More Positive (+ Happy) Life


Blog Tips: How To Maximize Your Content


Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Faster & Better 


Velvet Spring aka Jennifer/Jen


A fairly new blog I came across in July is Jen’s over at Velvet Spring. I love the layout of her blog and her photography style. She does such fabulous posts and I always enjoy reading them. They’re so easy to read. I’ve noticed she hasn’t been blogging for long, but you would never be able to tell. She’s a natural when it comes to blogging by the look’s of it. Like Robyn’s, Jen uploaded a post that I found so interesting to read about her experience with anxiety. It always makes me feel less alone the more I see others suffer with this illness too. I absolutely loved the part about speaking up about your struggles and to not be afraid. It was so positive to read that she is trying to manage it better, because it not only is great to read that she want’s to do that for her, but it also makes encourages you to get better for you. I just love Jen’s blog, it’s a mixture of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Here are some of my favourite posts from her recently:


Sunday Thoughts / Anxiety And Me


Styling ASOS Espadrilles

Outfit Of The Day

In The Frow aka Victoria:

You’ve probably heard of Victoria from In The Frow and if you haven’t, then where have you been? Victoria is one of my all time favourite blogger and youtubers. Not only is her content top notch, she comes across as having such a lovely personality and always takes the time out to respond to comments, which not a lot of more known about bloggers do. Victoria posts a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. Her blog is super professional and has such a magazine style to it. Her photos are so stunning and she always makes me wish I was on holiday somewhere hot, my feet dipping in the pool and sipping on an iced cool drink. Aside from that, I really admire her for not letting any negativity she receives get’s to her. It must take a lot of guts to have to deal with those types of people, but she handles it so well and keeps doing her job and being her so well. Hats off to her!

Here are some of my favourite posts from her recently:


How To Spend One Day In New York City


How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day


5 Things We Should Be Talking About

I really do recommend you check out these four lovely bloggers! You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure and will find a new blog to completely enjoy.

What blogs are you loving? Do you read any of these?


Lauren x

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