30 Pinterest Board Ideas

30 Pinterest Board Ideas

You might find yourself constantly pinning away over on Pinterest and running out of board ideas, or perhaps you’re someone who has always wanted to try out this fun filled website, but has no idea where to start or what to pin. I’ve got 30 Pinterest board ideas that might help to spark some inspiration back into your pinning habits or help you to make a start on this online scrapbook. 

1. Hair – Pin hair looks you’ve been loving, trends or the latest hair care products, hair cuts, hair goals, hair styles for either work or school.

2. Make-up – Make-up trends you like or want to try, perhaps a new look you want to trial, any products on your wishlist, swatches and stunning product packaging. 

3. Skincare – Skin care products, advice and tips for taking care of your skin type, a wishlist or tricks you might want to have a go at yourself.

4. Fashion – Favourite looks/outfits, inspiration and ideas, street style, runways, celebrity fashion, the biggest trends of a particular year or season and tips and advice.

5. Style – How to style your body shape or height, how to style a particular piece or how to style a particular trend, finding your own personal style and seeing other peoples personal style.

6. Seasonal – Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn/Fall. Pin things that represent these seasons. For winter you might pin some snow images or Christmas themed images, autumn you might go for pumpkins and fallen leaves in a park, spring might be about Easter and flowers blossoming, where as summer might be filled with sun, sea and ice cooled drinks.

7. Inspiration – Pin images that bring you inspiration and motivation. Whether this is a quote, an image that you can relate to or something that gives you the inspiration to go do something whatever that may be. It’s always a great board to look back on for when you’re feeling a little down or unmotivated.

30 Pinterest Board Ideas

8. Home – Recently moved house, need a new room make over or constantly dreaming of owning your own house one day? Why not pin some house related images, from fancy kitchen spaces and cosy and warm living rooms to chic vanity tables and inviting bedrooms.

9. Food – Pinterest is great for finding recipes for new and exciting meals or snacks. It’s also great for healthy food and sweet tooth lovers. Pin images of recipes or just images of foods you might love, want to try cook yourself or simply just want to heart eye emoji over when you’re hungry and waiting for dinner to cook.

10. Baking – Just like food, you can also find lots of exciting and fun baking recipes to follow and try for yourself in the comfort of your own home. I love browsing Pinterest to find baking ideas. 

11. Blogging – Are you a blogger yourself? Great! Pinterest is a great inspirational tool for us bloggers. It’s great for finding post ideas, photography inspiration, tutorials and how to’s.

12. Travel – Pin your dream travel locations or places you’ve already been! Some ideas could include abroad or at home, accommodation or activities, food or drink, any tips/advice on travelling.

13. Tips – Any kind of tips you might come across that have some benefit to you, why not pin them? Keep them all on in one place and refer back when you need to.

14. Advice – The same applies!

15. DIY – There’s a whole range of DIY’s out there, from home and technology based things to arts and crafts.

16. Quotes – Similar to the Inspirational board, but this time just purely quotes based. They might inspire you, motivate you, make you happy or giggle.

17. Motivation 

18. Goals – Having a few boards that relate to your goals can also be a massive inspirational and motivational help. It’s always likely to keep you on track and push you to go after what you want. Make it your own and personal to you.

19. Career – What are your career goals? Do you have a dream career? Put them into a board and help keep your dreams alive.

20. Education – Revision help, advice or tips for making the right decision for you whether it’s further or higher education, exam help, presentation, making friends, student accommodation etc.

30 Pinterest Board Ideas

21. Hobbies – What are your hobbies?
22. Animals/pets – No one can resist a cute furry friend!
23. Fitness – Need some exercise ideas or tips? Motivation to help you exercise? Body goals?
24. Health – Tips, advice, healthy eating, fitness, mental health or taking care of yourself.
25. Music – Favourite artists, bands, songs or albums.
26. TV Shows – Favourite quotes, characters or story lines from the show.
27. Photography – Tips and advice, tutorials and how to’s, inspiration and ideas.
28. Reading – Look for book recommendations, reviews and short snippets from stories before you go out and purchase a book.
29. Nails – If you love your beauty and nails, then why not pin some nail inspiration, whether it’s nail art, tips and advice for taking care of your nails or a stunning shade you want to find.
30. Celebrities – Who inspires you? Who’s style do you look up to? A particular quote you follow by from said celebrity? A girl or man crush?

What do you enjoy pinning? Have you got any other board ideas?

I’d love if you left your Pinterest pages below, so I could check them out and follow you!

Lauren x

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