30 More Pinterest Board Ideas

30 More Pinterest Board Ideas

Quite a few of you liked my previous 30 Pinterest Board Ideas post. So I thought why not share with you 30 more Pinterest Board Ideas that you can use or take inspiration from. Pinterest is great in the sense that there is so much you can pin and create a board for almost anything. You really aren’t restricted and that’s what makes it so much fun. Enjoy 30 more Pinterest board ideas!

31. Wedding – It doesn’t matter if you’re not engaged and planning a wedding, have fun and plan your dream wedding. From the dream dress, the venue, decoration ideas etc.

32. Accessories – We all know accessories help bring an outfit to life! Pin away some of your favourite pieces or styles.

33. Future – The future can include so much. Have fun with whatever ideas/goals/plans you may have for your future. This could be your dreams, ambitions, quotes to live be and motivate you.

34. Drinks – Healthy, alcoholic, soft, cool or hot, whatever drink’s you like the look of, why not pin them? There’s also recipes you can follow and inspirations to fall in love with!

35. Garden – Not everyone is going to the biggest fan of gardening, but someone out there is going to love nature and creating a picturesque landscape outside their home! There’s loads of DIY’s, ideas, designs, decor/furniture, as well as tips and tricks for growing plants/taking care of your garden.

36. Flowers – Whether they’re indoor or outdoor, flowers are so pretty and can really uplift whatever environment you’re in. Pin away at wild flowers, arrangements for when you’re feeling like a florist, photography inspiration or even DIY’s on how to make things like flower crowns.

37. Bucket list – Gather inspiration, ideas, motivational images that help you to create your own bucket list. Keep your board for reference on when you want to achieve those things on your list. 

38. Festivals – Festivals aren’t just standing in a muddy field, having a great time with friends and listening to your favourite music. There’s also the outfit choices, make-up/hair looks, essentials you need to back etc. Pinterest has so much great inspiration and to get you in the mood!!!

39. Gifts – These boards are great for around Christmas time or when you have someone special’s birthday coming up. Pin items on their wishlist, creative or personal gift ideas, wrapping ideas and of course specific person gift ideas (boyfriend, friend, mum, dad, brother, sister etc).

30 More Pinterest Board Ideas

40. Parties – Planning a get together or celebration? Why not use Pinterest as your inspiration. Pin ideas, food recipes, decorations, a drinks menu, outfit ideas, themes and even games you might want to play. There’s a load of stuff on there to pin away at to help you plan something extra amazing!!!

41. Lingerie – What girl doesn’t love buying pretty underwear? It can boost our confidence, makes us feel good and also it’s great to add whatever pieces we’re lusting over to our long wishlists.

42. Nightwear – The same applies! 

43. Desk inspo – Have you been wanting to switch up your desk or maybe you have been wanting to invest in one for a while? Pinterest is great for the home! Use it as inspiration on what sort of desk you might want, how you’ll use it, how you’ll style it and how you envision it to look.

44. Art – Love art? Why not pin some pictures that you love, inspire you, you can recreate or perhaps  there’s a tutorial you’d love to follow for future reference.

45. Shoes – Like accessories, shoes can also complete a look and are obviously essentials when going out. Pin whatever takes your liking and also how you might style them into your looks.

46. Wishlist – Have a board just dedicated to those items that are on your wishlist right now!!!

47. Girl crush – #GirlCrushWednesday

48. Man crush – #ManCrushMonday

30 More Pinterest Board Ideas

49. Adventures – This could include anything from places you’d like to travel, dreams you might have, outdoor activities you could do or summer plans you could create.

50. Disney – You’re never too old for Disney!

51. Icons – This could be a range of things! I wasn’t really referencing to small little graphics, more on the who inspires you/who you look up to, but hey ho whatever you fancy.

52. Patterns/Designs – Are you a lover of Rose gold, copper or marble? Join the club!

53. Relax/Calm – Have a board that you can go to whenever you need some time to distress, unwind from the day or a place you can go to to make you feel calm. This could include quotes, pictures that make you happy or feel calm, methods of relaxation you could follow, as well as tips and advice.

54. Recipes – Use a board on your Pinterest that you can quickly look up whenever you want to try something different or you’re cooking a meal for a group of you! Pinterest has loads of different recipes for all types of food and occasions. It also doesn’t just have to be food! It could be drinks too.

55. Mental health – If you’re a mental health sufferer or maybe someone who wants to find out a little more about it, maybe help change the stigma or educate themselves, you might find it useful to have a board where you can read up on tips, advice, information, motivation/encouragement, support and help when you or someone you know needs it.

56. Fragrance – Pin some of those scents you’ve got your eye on or maybe find out how you can create your own perfume?!

57. Relationships

58. Friendships

59. Family 

60. Parenthood

What do you enjoying pinning? 

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