3 Refreshing Shower Gels from BubbleTCosmetics*

3 Refreshing Shower Gels from BubbleTCosmetics*

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There’s nothing better than feeling instantly refreshed and cleansed after taking a shower and with these 3 refreshing shower gels from Bubble T Cosmetics* there is no exception. I’m so excited to introduce to you the new ice tea edition from Bubble T Cosmetics*.

This range is a trio of three fresh and fruity fragranced shower gels* based upon refreshing iced teas. Bubble T Cosmetics is known for taking huge inspiration from tea when it comes to creating their products.

Previous products I have tried from Bubble T Cosmetics I have absolutely loved like their body scrub* and body lotion* which can be found in my previous Bubble T Cosmetics post. So I wasn’t surprised when I tried this new trio range and fell in love with it!

First off I am so in love with the packaging!

It is so fun and bright. It would instantly stand out to me on a supermarket shelf. It reflects the Bubble T Cosmetics brand well with the tea-inspired products but also the fact that they’re iced tea scents. I love the drawings of the fruit on each one of the different fragrances. They also look very emoji-like which I think will appeal to a lot of people.

3 Refreshing Shower Gels from BubbleTCosmetics*

They are packed full of sweet tea notes, aloe vera extracts and coconut derivatives which as you can imagine does absolute wonders for the skin. All of these ingredients are specially designed to soothe and restore the skin, so not only are you cleansing your body you’re also providing it with so much nourishment.

My skin felt so soft and refreshed after using these shower gels*. They lathered up really nicely on the skin and you really felt like you were cleansing your body thoroughly without that need to scrub really hard. They easily glide onto the skin and leave you feeling so refreshed.

The new ice tea trio is available in three scents Mango*, Peach* and Raspberry*. These all smell absolutely amazing. Before I even opened the package, I could smell the scents coming out. They’re not so strong they’re overpowering but they smell so insane. They smell so uplifting and fruity.

3 Refreshing Shower Gels from BubbleTCosmetics*

I tried the Peach* one first as this scent was jumping out to me the most. It smelt even better when applying it onto my shower puff and then gliding it across my skin. This scent felt so refreshing but also calming in a strange way. I don’t know why I felt like that but it is just such a lovely scent.

The Raspberry* and Mango* scents are just as incredible and smell so damn good too.

Even though these scents you could associate more with the summer-time where everything is a lot more refreshing and bright, I think these shower gels are perfect to use all year round. They do exactly what you need them to do, cleanse, refresh and leave you smelling oh so fresh.

This trio* is currently retailing at £9.99 or you can buy each individual scent for £3.99 each which is more than I usually would pay for a shower gel, but between the cute, bright and colourful packaging, the gorgeous scents, how nourishing their products are and how much you get in each gel, I definitely think they’re worth checking out.

Plus the trio* is such a good steal for three and would even make a great gift!

Which scent would you go for out of this refreshing iced tea inspired range?

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