3 Products From NYX You Need To Try

3 Product's From NYX You Need To Try

NYX has soon become one of my favourite brands ever since it launched in Boot’s earlier this year. Whatever I seem to try from this brand, I’m always thrilled with the performance and results from the products. You might be reading this and want to try something from this brand, but you’re not too sure where to start or you might have already tried from this brand. but you want to expand your collection with some new discoveries, so today’s post I am going to share with you 3 products from NYX that you need to try.

3 Product's From NYX You Need To Try


I’m always trying to experiment with my eye makeup and trying new shadows can sometimes be quite pricey when you’re trying to find what works well for you. These hot singles eye shadows from NYX are super affordable to do exactly that. They retail at only ยฃ3.50 each, which I personally think is a great price for what you’re getting. The quality of these is so good also. They’re super pigmented and the colour pay off on your lid is amazing. The hot single eye shadows are so easy to blend also and I find no real issues with working with these. They last for a good few hours on the lids. These could be a great dupe for Mac’s single eye shadow pots. The packaging is very similiar and the pigmentation on these are a very high standard, but the NYX one’s clearly win on price comparison. The two shades I won within this range include Sin (which is a gorgeous light pink toned nude with hints of shimmer running through) and Show Girl (a frosty copper colour that is perfect for the Autumn season). 

3 Product's From NYX You Need To Try


A product that the whole beauty world has gone crazy for is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams! Of course I had to mention them. I couldn’t not, could I? They really do live up to the hype and I definitely can see why they are so popular. If you don’t have one of these, then please go out and get one. You will not be disappointed. Most liquid lipsticks have the tendency to be a little drying or flakey, but these are probably one of the only ones that I have tried to not do this. They feel so light and creamy on the lips, even when they are dry they don’t feel uncomfortable. They literally feel just right. The pigmentation of these like the shadows are also so good. 

Although I do find with the lighter shades that they can be a hit and miss. This goes for the shade on the left in the image above, Sydney, it’s a pretty lavender baby pink kind of colour (I am the worst at describing shades as you can see…) that on the lips after a while can go a bit flakey looking, but the first few hours show no real problems at all. On the other hand, the other shade Prague is more of a bright pink toned berry colour. You literally do not need to apply much of this at all, because it works so well with one application! I’m definitely going to be picking up more of these throughout Autumn/Winter, especially since they’re only ยฃ6.50 each.

TIP – When choosing your shades, I think the darker the shade the better the pigmentation and pay off. 

3 Product's From NYX You Need To Try


Any pale girls will be able to relate to the struggle of not finding a concealer light enough to use under your eye area and any highlight zones. But I finally feel like I have found the one with this concealer. The HD concealer is very creamy in texture, but also feel’s light on the skin. It’s so easy to apply with the wand applicator and it also blends really nicely and evenly. Also it does exactly what I want it to, it actually brightens and minimises my dark circles, which then makes me look more awake. It also last’s such a great amount of time throughout the day. The only slight criticism is that it does crease, but nothing that can’t be easily fixed and isn’t too noticeable either.  Again, NYX have really created another high quality product for a really affordable price. The HD concealer is only ยฃ5.50 and my favourite ever concealer. This one I really do recommend to you all!

What are your favourites NYX? Have you tried any of these?

Lauren x

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