3 Products From Lush You Need To Try

3 Products From Lush You Need To Try

Lush are a brand that no doubt you’ve heard of countless times across the beauty world. The bath bombs and shower products being some of the firm favourites amongst avid fans of the brand. But I want to share with you today three products from Lush that you can use for skincare only. So whether you’re a newbie wanting to be introduced to the brand or someone hoping to try a little something different from the brand, then keep on reading to find out the 3 products from Lush you need to try.

3 Products From Lush You Need To Try

The first product is one that I only just recently tried out and I have to hold my hands up and say that I absolutely love it! My boyfriend was actually the one to introduce me to it and he definitely picked a good one. I already knew how good tea tree was for your skin, so I was looking forward to trying this out. And let me tell you straight off that this product definitely did not disappoint. The main aims of this product is to make your skin look refreshed and clearer. It also aims to help prevent spots and can be used to remove any last traces of makeup or cleanser. First off, I love how easy it is to use. You only need a few sprays to get an instant refresh feeling and have your whole face covered in the toner. It doesn’t feel too wet or sticky either. It’s just an instant refreshed feeling that is perfect on hot muggy nights when you need a little cool down anyway. It doesn’t have a bad smell to it either nor does it dry your skin out. 

You can obviously use this toning water every day for twice a day and can make it part of your skincare routine if you want to. I like to use this on bad skin days or when I’m experiencing hormonal break outs. It really does help to make my skin look clearer and less shiny, as well as helping to clear up any spots that have appeared on my face. My boyfriend loves this as well and his skin always look so lovely after he used this regularly. I can imagine this must work a dream on anyone with really oily or combination skin as it’s really clarifying. It’s definitely one worth checking out and one I’m glad I managed to try!

3 Products From Lush You Need To Try

Moving onto one that I have had in my beauty collection for a while now, but one I could not be without come winter time. This is the Lush bubblegum lip scrub. If you haven’t tried any of the lip scrubs yet, then you seriously need to. Whenever I’ve worn a drying matte lip product or have chapped dry lips from the weather or whatever, I pop the lip scrub all over my lips and then apply a lip balm over the top and leave it to settle in. Even within a few hours my lips always feel a lot smoother and less drying. It gets rid of any chapped ness and leaves it feeling super soft. The bubblegum flavour also makes it taste so sweet. Due to the small size, it’s also perfect for travelling and taking it with you on the go. Now with autumn and winter coming up, it’s a great idea to check this out and prevent your lips from drying out. They also have other flavours which also sound so lovely and I definitely need to check them out.

3 Products From Lush You Need To Try

Finally the third product that I love from Lush, and that I believe you need to try is the Cupcake Fresh face mask. I general I love Lush’s fresh face masks. They contain so many good ingredients for your skin and always make your skin feel so lovely afterwards. Cupcake in particular is one of my favourites and the one I always go back to. From the name you can probably guess that this smells something similiar to a cupcake. It has a very chocolatey minty smell to it and the mask itself is a dark chocolate colour due to it containing cocoa butter and fresh mint. So you can see how it got it’s name and why it smells/looks the way it does. 

Because these masks are fresh, you do have to keep them in the fridge, but I definitely prefer this as when you apply the mask it is so refreshing and soothing on the skin. After leaving the mask on for 5/10 minutes, you do notice a tightness on your face and know it’s definitely worked it’s magic. This mask’s main purpose is to give a deep cleanse and draw out any impurities and dirt. I definitely feel it does exactly this. My skin always feels smoother and cleaner after using this mask. When I have used this twice a week over a longer period of time, I’ve noticed my skin is also a lot clearer and break outs are minimal. 

What’s your favourite Lush product?

Lauren x

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