3 Pinterest Baking Ideas I’d Love To Try

3 Pinterest Baking Ideas I'd Love To Try

This is probably the hardest post I’ve ever had to write….hahah just kidding! But seriously, it was so hard to pick only three baking ideas from Pinterest. Because if we’re being honest, there are hundreds of recipes I’d love to try! They always look so delicious and fun to make. However much of a struggle it was, I have been able to narrow it down to 3 Pinterest baking ideas I’d love to try. Prepare yourself for some unhealthy yet extra yummy treats.

1. Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer CakeLife, Love and Sugar 
How bloody lush does this chocolate chip cookie inspired cake look? I am absolutely love cookies, so combine that with cake and we’re on to a winner! I definitely need to try recreate this for my birthday next year or something. I can’t get over how many layers this cake has and every single one look’s delicious! It definitely look’s like one of those tasty treats that you’d eat far too much of and end up feeling sick after consumption. I think this would take a long time to bake, but I think you could have so much fun doing so and really make a day of baking.

Life, Love and Sugar has so many amazing recipes over on her blog! I always see them appear on my Pinterest feed and end up pinning away at them. She’s so good for inspiration on new baking ideas and I always go have a browse on her blog for any birthday cake ideas for either myself or someone I know. I’d highly recommend visiting her if you need some new baking ideas! There are so many to chose from and you can easily have a go at them yourself. Her images of these delicious creations are amazing also!

You can find the Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake recipe here.

2. Pink Velvet Swiss RollGarnish & Glaze
We’re all probably familiar with a chocolate Swiss roll, but I have never seen a pink velvet swiss roll before. A simple and quick recipe to follow to make this elegant pink inspired treat. Garnish & Glaze has showcased this Swiss roll to perfection. I think it’s so Instagramable (….did I really just say that?) and would be perfect to whip up during the spring/summer months. This was actually made to raise awareness for breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I think that is such a lovely idea and the pink of the Swiss roll clearly symbolises this cause, as well as femininity.

I’d love to try recreate this! I think this is one I’d normally find hard to do if I didn’t know how to do it, but Garnish & Glaze‘s method has made it seem much more achievable to me now. I love the whole concept behind it, as well as the colours and how pretty it looks. I sure imagine how gorgeous it must taste too!

You can find the Pink Velvet Swiss Roll recipe here.

3. Mary Berry’s Malted Chocolate Cakedeliciousmagazine 
Now I couldn’t do a baking post without mention Mary Berry of course! This is Mary Berry’s famous Malted Chocolate Cake. You really cannot go wrong with a chocolate cake, so this is why I decide to pick this one to feature in this post. It’s a classic to make and it’s a great one for first time bakers! You can be as creative or simple as you like with it. Plus it’s really easy to do, so if you’re in a rush or not sure what to create, you can give this cake a go in the time you have because it’s such a classic bake. I love that Mary Berry’s has used Maltesers to finish hers off. I’m a big fan of Maltesers, so I am definitely going to be making this cake sometime soon. It look’s so delicious and would go down well with pretty much everyone!

You can find Mary Berry’s Malted Chocolate Cake recipe here.

Pinterest Baking Board

Here is my Pinterest Baking Board if you fancy coming on over and checking it out! 

What is your favourite out of these three? Do you enjoy baking? What are you planning on baking next?

Lauren x

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Full credit of the images of the recipes used above go to the owners of the photos. Their links have been left above for reference and credit.

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