3 Pink Shades For Everyday Wear

3 Pink Shades For Everyday Wear

Everyone need’s their perfect go to lip that works best for everyday and fits into whatever their schedule involves, whether that’s a busy day of work ahead or a fun day out with the girls. There are three shades within my collection that are all slightly similiar in colour, but are great for suiting whatever kind of plans you have for that day. I’m going to be sharing these rosy pink shades with you and hopefully inspiring you to find your perfect lip shade and finish to suit whatever lifestyle you have.

3 Pink Shades For Everyday Wear

For the long busy days…

If you have a busy week ahead, maybe you have a full time job, go to university or sixth form, whatever it is that you work is mainly taken up by you’re most probably going to be want a lip product that stays on your lips for the longest time possible to avoid you having to touch up throughout the day. My pick of lipstick for this from my own collection would be Mac’s Brave. A lipstick I have spoken so much about on my blog before, so much so that you’re probably all sick of hearing about it, but it is perfect for these type of days. It’s long lasting (around 6-7 hours, even with food & drinks), a highly pigmented rosy-pink that will suit everyone, that also keeps your look professional by not being too out of the way, just the right shade to enhance your lips natural colour and a satin finish (not quite a matte) so will ensure longevity. 

3 Pink Shades For Everyday Wear

For the in between kind of days… 

Some days you don’t want to put on a lipstick that is powerfully out there, whether that’s with finish or colour. Kiko Smart lipstick in Classic Rose is perfect for this. It’s similiar to Mac’s Brave in colour, but has slightly more browner tones to it. But unlike Brave, it’s a lot more nourishing on the lips and doesn’t have the same finish. This would be a great colour for if you have a strict work or school uniform conduct to follow. This lipstick works well to even out your natural lip colour and giving you a subtle creamy finish and feel to your lips. It creates the illusion of fuller and healthier looking lips. This lipstick doesn’t last as long as Brave, which is why it’s great for those in between days, when you’re not too busy and don’t mind having another top up. A perfect everyday formula, colour and finish!

3 Pink Shades For Everyday Wear

For more relaxed days…

For the days when you don’t fancy putting on a lot or haven’t got much planned but still need/want to put on your make-up, then a light feel, easy to wear and subtle lip product is perfect. Recently I picked up the Kiko Creamy Lip Gloss in Pearly Strawberry Pink. I think this is so suitable for more natural make-up looks, the kind of look you’ll probably go for on those laid back days. Packaged in a large pencil style but the formula of a creamy lip gloss, Pearly Strawberry Pink is great for creating a peachy pink look to the lips. Because of it’s simple packaging, it makes application super easy. The formula of this is so nourishing, which means it doesn’t last all day long, but this means it fits into the theme of the day. You don’t need it to last all day if you’re not doing much.

Do you wear pinks? What is your go to everyday shade?

Lauren x

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