3 Classics From Soap & Glory

3 Classics From Soap & Glory

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Soap and Glory are such a classic brand for me!

They’re one of the first beauty brands I became obsessed with at the start of my early teen years where I began to go shopping alone with my friends and I would venture in to Boots, heading straight for the body isle where the Soap & Glory range is stocked.

Because of my long-lasting love for Soap & Glory, I’m going to be sharing with you 3 classics from Soap and Glory that I have been enjoying using recently.

Soap & Glory – Righteous Butter*

For me, this is a product I have loved for so many years and one that I always have the Righteous Butter* lying in my beauty drawers so I can reach for it whenever I want to. It’s such a classic for me and it has that classic signature Soap & Glory scent consisting of a rosy-floral like a scent.

In terms of the righteous butter* itself, it’s such a hydrating and moisturised butter that really does what it says on the tin. I don’t find this to be too thick or too light. It’s a perfect consistency and absorbs into the skin so well.

It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and so soft. It’s perfect for those who are more prone to dry skin or those who want to have silky smooth legs all year long. Also because it is such a big tub it last’s such a long time and you get so many uses out of it.

This is such a popular product and I can definitely see why!

3 Classics From Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory – Flake Away*

A product that is new to me and one that I am surprised I haven’t used in all these years of being a Soap & Glory fan is the Flake Away* body scrub. I already love the Sugar Crush scrub they do, so I was looking forward to trying this for the first time.

I absolutely love how gentle the Soap & Glory scrubs are. This one is definitely no different. You can’t even tell you’re putting on a scrub it’s so light and gentle. I was so surprised at how kind it was to my skin. It will be perfect for those with sensitive skin.

My skin felt softer and smoother after using this which is exactly what you want. Although I wouldn’t say it’s the best scrub I’ve ever tried because I have used other scrubs that have made my skin feel so silky smooth, this is definitely a good one and definitely worth giving a go anyway.

3 Classics From Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory – Heel Genius*

And finally, another product that I have never tried before but I’m questioning myself why I never picked this up is the Heel Genius*. I am obsessed with this product. Honestly, I don’t own many foot creams nor have I tried many because I always used body butter but I am a total convert now.

Heel Genius* really is genius.

I’ve been using this every evening and have even been giving Matt regular foot massages with it because we’ve both been loving it so much. It’s great for Matt’s feet as he’s on his feet all day at work and for me, it’s been the perfect foot cream for the summer months when I’ve got my feet in sandals.

It’s such a hydrating and soothing foot cream. The smell is so refreshing and light. It really does help to soften and get rid of any dryness from your feet especially on your heels.

I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this one when I run out. I love it!

What’s your favourite Soap & Glory product?

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