24 Festive Inspired Instagram Photo Ideas

I think the only thing that is getting us through the major changes Instagram made this year with the whole algorithm, is seeing all the festive inspired images appear on our feeds. They’re great for getting us all into that merry spirit and we can all admire the creativity gone into the shots produced. Beside the algorithm and that annoying poor lighting throughout the winter months, Instagram is the perfect place to post all your festive related images for all your followers and potential new audience to see. With so much going on and heaps of inspiration everywhere, I gathered together a list of ideas to get you posting consistently to Instagram over the Christmas and New Year period and creating a magical festive inspired theme with twinkling lights, delicious food from markets in town and neatly wrapped presents around the tree.

1. Decorations – Whether this is your home decorations or lights around your local town or city, snap away at all the pretty decorations and lights you come across. Let other people admire the creativity that’s gone into the displays or how you’ve styled your home this year.

2. Christmas movies – Put together a group of your favourite Christmas movies you enjoy watching or any new ones you’ve recently purchased to watch. Show everyone what’s on your watch list or what you’d recommend everyone should be watching over the seasonal period. 

3. Christmas baking – Showcase all those festive treats you’ve been making! This will sure to get some tummy’s rumbling. 

4. Christmas present wrapping – Once you’ve wrapped up your presents for people, gather them all together or a select few and post a snap of your wrapping. If any of your loved ones follow you, this will definitely make them get super excited to see what you’ve got them.

5. Christmas stocking – The same applies! Although, you could easily just present your stocking hanging up to everyone and being excited about what you’re going to find inside come Christmas day.

6.  Cosy Christmas night in – Show everyone how you love to have the perfect cosy Christmas night in. This could include the type of movies you watch, what snacks and drinks accompany you, what you wear and the setting in the room. 

7. A festive read – With being off work or school, you’ll probably have a fair few days off to just relax and enjoy all the festive fun. This time of year is perfect for snuggling down with a good festive inspired book and unwinding from the busy year. 

8. Christmas bedding – If you’re Christmas obsessed, you might have switched up your bedding for something super festive or winter inspired. Share what you’re cosying up to this year. 

9. Christmas tree – We all love having a good nosy at other people’s trees, don’t we? Once you’ve put yours up, let other people see what’s on your tree and how you’ve decorated it.

10. Festive nails – Glitter Glitter Glitter! Enough said.

11. Festive Lush bath – Lush is well known for it’s Christmas range. So now is the perfect time to head to your local store and pick up a few festive goodies to pamper yourself with. You deserve it after all!

12. Festive drinks – Whether you’re a hot chocolate on the sofa kind of girl or a sparkling champagne kind of girl, let everyone see what your top festive drink or drinks are. 

13. Christmas cards – You will probably have or be starting to receive some Christmas cards from your loved ones. Share some of your favourites or if you have them hanging up anywhere, post them all and let everyone know you appreciate the kind gesture.

14. Decorations in store/retail window displays – If you want to be extra cheeky, then why not snap a few photos of your favourite decorations you’ve spotted in a particular store or two? You could also take some photos of any window displays that have caught your eyes. 

15. Christmas jumper – No matter how cheesy or tacky they look, we seriously can’t help but have one! Let’s see what yours is like this year.

16. Festive lips – What festive lip colours are you wearing? A classic red. A bold berry. A natural nude.

17. Festive makeup – Don’t just share what’s on your lips. There’s so much to talk about. What about your eye look? Are you going for a classic smokey eye or an all out there shimmer? Are you making any base product swaps? What about false lashes? What are your party season makeup picks? And your Christmas day look? 

18. A Christmas candle – A candle can bring a touch of warmth and cosiness to any home. Show what’s your shining bright in yours this Christmas.

19. Christmas pjs – Another great way to add cosiness! Christmas pjs are so adorable.

20. Christmas day ootd – Share with everyone your ootd for Christmas day. Are you going all out with something party inspired? Or are you sticking with your Christmas pjs?

21. New years ootd – Share what you’re going to be wearing to celebrate coming into the new year. You could also share what you’re going to be wearing on the day if you’re doing anything special.

22. Christmas dinner – Who doesn’t love a Christmas dinner? Share what’s on your plate! Don’t forget to include those crackers in your shot too.

23. Boxing day sales haul – If you’re braving the sales in town or from the comfort of your bed online, share with us what you’ve managed to pick up. We all love a haul and a good deal!

24. A quote – Scroll through Pinterest to find your perfect festive inspired quote! Or make your own through PicMonkey or any other graphic site. 

What have you  been posting to Instagram lately? What other ideas do you have?

Lauren x

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