20 Budget Friendly Blog Post Ideas

So recently you might have seen my How To Blog On A Budget Post, where I shared some tips and advice on blogging on a budget. Today I thought I would present to you some post ideas that are budget friendly. You don’t need to have money to blog. Sometimes the best and most read posts created are purely based on experiences, thoughts and by having a good old chat with your readers. You can simply read this list, take a look around you or gather some inspiration to build your own budget friendly post ideas.

  • Personal experiences – Everyone loves to read more personal posts! It helps to give readers an insight into the person behind the screen. There’s so many post ideas you can do based on personal experience. Some may include; health, education, relationships, careers, family life etc. Do you suffer with an illness? Physical? Mental? Can you help others? Have you had a bad relationship or break up? Share some tips with others to help them overcome it! What’s your education or career journey? How have you ended up where you are today?
  • Why you started blogging – Everyone’s journey is going to be slightly different! Let peope know what made you take the plunge and start your own little space on the internet for others to see. 
  • Blogging tips & advice – Share your own tips and advice regarding blogging with fellow bloggers! Are you a wizz at coding and creating your own templates? How do you plan your posts and keep organised?  Have you mastered SEO? How do you take your photos? 
  • Favourite blogs to read – Show support and praise to some blogs that you love to read! Everyone loves discovering new blog’s to read and I’m pretty sure the blogger will feel very appreciated!
  • Blogging resources – Create a resource post that others bloggers can use to help them improve their blog. Share some links to posts that you have found useful in the past. 

  • Freebies/Printables – Have you got any freebies you can give to your readers? Maybe discount codes or offers off certain products/services. Is there any free printables you might have created and would be willing to share with others? For example, you might have a great blog planning work sheet you use to stay organised! Or why not host a give away to thank your readers?

20 Budget Friendly Blog Post Ideas

  • Photo editing – Show your readers/followers how you edit your photo’s! Whether this is  in terms of Blogging or Instragram, share us what apps you use, what tips you have, what filter you might chose to use and how you end up with the finished result. 
  • Top apps – What are your favourite apps to use? This can be anything! Social media, games, fitness, health, fashion, relaxation, music, books etc. 
  • Health & fitness – Share some of your own health and fitness tips! Is there a certain diet you went on and it worked wonders for you? How do you stay fit and healthy? Do you go to the gym? Share some of your workout exercises. Do you work out at home? Is there video’s or apps you might use to help you? How do you stay motivated to keep on track? 
  • Go to accessories – What accessories do you wear everyday? What accessories do you wear for a night out? Do you like statement pieces? Do you prefer the minimal look? How do you style your favourite pieces? 

  • Your favourite outfit(s) – Is there a favourite look(s) you’ve been loving recently? Share with us the details!

20 Budget Friendly Blog Post Ideas

  • Favourite beauty products – What are your favourite top 10 drug store products? Favourite high end products? Affordable beauty products? Any skin care saviours? Favourite 5 under £5? Favourite 10 under £10?
  • Tips & Tricks! – Have you got any tips and tricks you picked up on over the years? Beauty related? Style? DIY? Home? Health? Fitness? Shopping? Simply any tricks you might have!
  • Wardrobe tour – Give us an inside to your wardrobe! How do you keep it organised? Do you like to go by season, colour or garment type? What are some of your favourite pieces that you own? 
  • What’s on your shelf – Snap a few photo’s of your shelf and let us know what’s on your shelf! Maybe you also have some interior tips to share on how to style your shelf. Give others some home inspo!
  • Create a list – Write a list about simply anything! What makes you happy? What are you looking forward to within the next few months? What are some of your favourite things? What do you like/dislike about blogging or social media? There’s so much you can write about!

20 Budget Friendly Blog Post Ideas

  • Travel wishlist – Is there locations that you dream of going to one day? Great! Share them with us. Find a few free photo’s online that you can use, then inform us of why you want to go there and what you’d want to get up to whilst there. 
  • City/town guide – You don’t have to travel far to be able to share with us some travel posts! Create a city or town guide of where you live, what places should you visit, where are the best places to eat and drink, are there any secret locations you have found over the years and would be willing to share with your readers? Or alternatively, has there been anywhere else you have been and have enjoyed going to? Share with us your favourite places to visit!
  • Catch up – Have a little catch up with your readers. Share with them some of things that have been happening in your life. Start a discussion with them about what’s going on with in their lives. It’s always great idea to get people involved and gives you the chance to speak to new people too! 
  • Your own ideas for blog posts!!!!!

I hope this list can at least help one of you. Let me know if you find this useful and any ideas you might be willing to share!

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