18 Of My Favourite Memories From 2018

18 Of My Favourite Memories From 2018

2018. What a year. It hasn’t been the best year ever. But I have had some amazing moments this year that definitely have made the hardship seem worth it. In today’s post, I thought I’d share with you 18 of my favourite memories from 2018.

1. Road trips to London – this year I visited London a good few times which is always fun. I love going to London whether it’s for a shopping trip, sightseeing, concerts or to stay over, it’s just such a great place to visit. I love going on long car journeys as well. Plus I beat my fear of the tube this year!

2. Starting Youtube – back at the beginning of 2018, I had a go at starting my own Youtube channel. Whilst I only lasted a couple of months on the platform, I’m glad I gave it a try and put myself out there with it. Maybe one day I’ll return but for now, I’m happy with sticking with my blog.

3. Canoeing – canoeing was something I thoroughly enjoyed during the summer this year! It was something I never thought I’d ever do, but it was one of those surprising things that I ended up loving. I’m already looking forward to getting out on the water next summer.

4. Going to see Harry Styles – I’ve been a One Direction fangirl since the X Factor days and have been to see them every year since before they went on hiatus. So this year I got the chance to go see Harry Styles on his solo tour and it was honestly one of my favourite nights ever. It was just incredible.

I got so emotional when I sat down in my seat because it felt like the past two years I hadn’t been to any concert had been leading up to that moment. Two years of working on my anxiety to be able to sit in a room of people with a tolerable amount of adrenalin in my body. It was an incredible night. One I’ll never forget!

5. Migrating my blog to WordPress – back in May 2018, my blog got cloned and the only solution to the problem was to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It was honestly the perfect thing I could have done because it had been the change and new start I had needed for my blog.

6. My 21st birthday – I turned 21 this year! I still can’t believe I’m 21. I still feel about 18 if I’m honest, but even though I didn’t do anything spectacular on my actual birthday, I had such a chilled out day, exactly what I needed at the time. I’m never one for big celebrations anyway so it was a relaxed birthday.

7. Working with some amazing brands – this year I have been so unbelievably lucky to have worked with some amazing brands, brands I never thought I would ever work with like Nivea, Dermalogica, BuscopanUK, The Princes Trust and so many more. I’ve loved creating content with these brands and it’s pushed me to work even harder to produce good quality content for my blog and socials.

8. #itscominghome – I’ve always enjoyed watching football after growing up in a household with my Dad and brother who like it and the World Cup is always something I tune in to watch. England did absolutely amazing this year and I just loved how the football brought the whole country together. It was a special summer in that sense for sure.

9. Getting a puppy – one of the more life-changing experiences of 2018 was getting my puppy, Teddy! Since our dog passed away in 2015, I never could imagine us with another dog because his passing was so heartbreaking, but the past couple of years we’ve been wanting a dog back in our lives so much.

We finally made this happen in September and brought home the gorgeous Teddy. We couldn’t be without him now. He’s a joy!

10. Starting a newsletter – I never had any intentions coming into 2018 with the idea of starting a newsletter, but one day the idea just came to me and I thought why the hell not? It’s been such a wonderful thing to start. I’ve loved putting it together each week and building a community around it.

11. Planning my own business – this has been in the works since the summer, but hopefully coming into 2019, I will finally officially launch my business! I’ve been out of work and education since 2015 because of my mental health and could never see myself doing a regular 9-5 job, so I want to take matters into my own hands and start my own business. Watch this space.

12. Pen pals with Lizzy – having a pen pal is such an old-school thing, but when I saw Lizzy was looking for a new pen pal, I thought it would be such a cute idea. I love writing letters to Lizzy about my week and getting to know her away from the online world, as well as receiving letters full of positivity and support. It’s such a great thing to do!

13. Winter Wonderland – I’ve always wanted to go to Winter Wonderland and in 2018 I got the chance to! The Ice Kingdom was such an incredible experience and one I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about paying a visit. It was such a great day out!

14. 2 years of therapy – now this may seem like quite a weird one, but in November I reached my two-year point in therapy for my mental health. Two years is a long time to be in therapy when you attend weekly sessions, but I’m not ashamed about it because it has helped me so much. Even when I am well enough, I probably would still love to have a therapist because it’s been such a benefit to me.

I’d recommend seeing a therapist for anyone even if you haven’t got mental health issues. When you find the right one for you, it will honestly change your life for the better.

15. Mamma Mia 2 – Mamma Mia has always been a firm favourite for me, so when Mamma Mia Here We Go Again came out this summer, I knew there was no way I was going to miss out on seeing that. I absolutely loved the second film and I haven’t really stopped singing the soundtrack ever since. It was definitely a highlight for me from this year! So good.

16. My first blogging event – I’m off to my very first blogging event today (eek!) and I’m so nervous, but to even be invited to an event has been like a dream. I’ve always wanted to go to a blogger event so I’m excited about this new experience and opportunity.

17. Football – another memory about football, I know, but I’ve really enjoyed going to see my local football team, Norwich City, play this year. I don’t know why I enjoy going to the football so much, maybe it’s the atmosphere, I’m not sure, but I always enjoy myself at the football and look forward to the games I can go to. Who even am I now?

18. Starting my e-book – I’ve been wanting to do an e-book or an e-course for a while now and a couple of months ago I put the plans in place to put together my own e-book! It’s hopefully going to be finished by the end of the year. I’m about halfway through now so not far to go. I cannot wait to share it all with you!

What’s been your favourite memory from 2018?

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  • This is such a lovely post Lauren! Loved hearing about your favourite moments, it sounds like there has been many positives! I’m beyond jealous that you saw Harry!! I saw one direction on one of their last performances before they split up but haven’t seen Harry solo with his own music! It was such a lovely atmosphere when the world cup was on this Summer wasn’t it! Teddy’s absolutely adorable! Well done on all what you’ve achieved xx

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