15 Fun Christmas Traditions Ideas For All

15 Fun For All Christmas Traditions Ideas

Christmas traditions are always something that continue for years and years, whether it’s traditions you grew up with when you were young or started with your own family in your own home. They can be great for grouping all the family together and being able to enjoy this magical time of the year as one. Traditions help to lift spirits and get you feeling excited for the Christmas period. Traditions are also things to look back on with years to come and reminisce about all the fun memories you had. I’ve got 15 fun for all Christmas tradition ideas that will be sure to get you feeling all kinds of festive and help you to continue them on for lots more years.

1. Countdown to Christmas – Advent calendars are a great way to countdown till Christmas. Behind each door is a surprise, whether you fancy making your own and tailoring it to suit your own needs, having a delicious chocolate one or a certain interest like beauty or accessories. This also helps to boost your spirits and get everyone excited every single day until the big day.

2. Picking the Christmas tree and decorating it – If you prefer a real tree, then bring all the family along and go pick the perfect one. It can be a lot of fun deciding which one to go for. You can then bring it home and all together decorate it. This is sure to take up plenty of time one afternoon and create lots of memories.

3. Bake cookies or a gingerbread house –  Christmas is the perfect time to indulge yourself in treats. Bake some festive inspired cookies or get creative with baking and making your own gingerbread house. You could even have a competition with other members of your family of who can make the best one and get someone to judge them for you.

4. Christmas eve tradition – Start your very own Christmas eve tradition. This could be watching a particular movie or heading to the cinema to see a new one, eating a particular food for dinner the night before, going on a walk around your local area or if you have little children in your family, reading them a festive themed bedtime story before they go to sleep.

5. Go to the theatre – Every year the theatre holds production of their latest pantomime. So gather a group of you together and go watch the latest theatre production. This can be fun for all different ages and you can continue it on every single year.

6. Put food out for Santa and his reindeers – This is a great one for kids to get them feeling the full effects of a magical Christmas. But who says it has to stop when you stop being small? Pop some mince pies or biscuits out for Santa to enjoy, along with some carrots for rudolph and the gang to enjoy too.

7. Drive around to look at your local lights – Hop in the car and have a look around at the Christmas lights in your area. This can be a lot of fun and get you feeling so festive. You can also admire people’s time and effort they have put into their displays or even gather inspiration for next year.

8. Crafts – Making festive themed crafts can be a great way to spend the holidays. You can also get the kids involved or spend it as a me time activity. You could make your own Christmas cards, decorations for the house like garlands or reefs, ornaments for the Christmas tree that you can continue to use for years to come. Be really creative with it. Pinterest is a fab place to look for DIY ideas.

9. Write letters to Santa – Another one for the children in your life. Help them to write letters to Santa on all the things they would like to receive this year and also wishing him and the gang a very merry Christmas. 

10. Go visit Santa – You could bring your letter along to meet Santa at a local event held in your area. This is fun for children to get the opportunity to meet Santa and also receive a special gift. This will be sure to put a smile on their face!

11. Christmas games – Whether this is the classic board games or actual Christmas themed games, gather the family together and have lots of fun by playing a series of different games. This is great for all ages since everyone can get involved. You can have hours of fun by doing this.

12. Hot chocolates – Make a Christmas themed hot chocolate for you and your loved ones, whether you’re cosying up on the sofa to watch a movie or just got in from a cold walk out in the countryside. 

13. Have a special breakfast – Cook up a special breakfast on Christmas day and make it your tradition. This could be a classic British fry up, pancakes or waffles, a wide selection of fruit or any other of your favourite breakfast meals. 

14. Host a secret santa – Pop everyone’s names into a hat that want to be involved whether this is at work, school, in your friendship circle or in your family, get everyone to pull someone out and set a budget for present buying. Then once everyone has bought their person a present, exchange the gifts and surprise the person you’ve bought for by being their secret santa. This can be good if you have a large group of you and can’t afford to buy for everyone.

15. Give to someone in need – Donate some money, time or even a gift bundle to someone in need. This could be through a charity or perhaps even someone you know who might be less fortunate than you. This will not only make you feel good for making someones day, but also make the person feel grateful and special that you thought about them and treated them to something this Christmas. 

What Christmas traditions do you have? What were your favourite from when you were a kid?

Lauren x

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