15 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

15 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

Blog photo’s is probably one of the areas about blogging that I always find the hardest. Mainly because I’m a photography newbie, but also because I find it hard to find prop’s to use in my photos that will really help to bring them to life and create a story behind them that reflects well with the post. You might be sitting here reading this and thinking this sound’s exactly like me, I never what props to use and always try to avoid overusing ones I already have in my photos. Hopefully today’s post will help inspire you out of this issue with 15 Blog Photo Prop Ideas!

1. Makeup – Any product’s whether they’re high end or drugstore and the tools you use such as eye lash curlers or your makeup brushes are great photo props. You don’t have to go out and buy any other additional products for this so this is a super affordable go to prop idea, but you already own the product’s you just need to start using them. Plus you don’t have to just keep them to any beauty related posts, you can easily involve them in other type of posts like lifestyle and fashion. 

2. Stationary – If you’re a blogger, you typically might be a big fan of stationary. This could be anywhere from notebooks, journals and planners, pens and pencils, paper clips, rulers etc, anything that fits into this category you can easily use as a prop in your photos. 

3. Magazines & Books – Magazines tend to have pretty images whether that’s on the front cover, inside editorials or advertisements. Use these type of photo’s you see within magazines as a prop in your photos. You could try reflect the image in the magazine well with what your post is about to build on your post more. Also the great thing about magazines is that you can always reuse them and they only cost a couple of pounds, so once you’ve read them and used them, you can always come back to them again and again. 

The same applies with books. The covers can be made good use out of as a prop idea for your blog photos. You could also stand any products or additional props on top of the books to give them a background to stand on. In more nonfiction texts, you might find images used within the book and this can also be used as an additional prop idea. 

4. Food – Food is an essential that us humans take for granted and use on a daily basis. So why not make extra good use out of the resource and use it within your photos? Pick up a bunch of some colourful fruits or scatter a few of your favourite sweet treats around to add a touch of life to your photos.

5. Confetti – This is definitely one I want to start doing more! Confetti can really help to add an extra detail to your blog photos and really make them scream fun. You can find confetti like sequins, shapes and seasonal decorations in most craft, party and decoration stores. It’s always best to have a good look around. I recently found some cute Halloween confetti in Tiger which was only a couple of pounds! But if you want to be super affordable, then you can always make your own which is both simple and quick to do. Fee from MakeUpSavvy has a great post on this here.

6. Seasonal pieces – Seasonal pieces are great for season themed style posts or just to fit within the season. I think this is one of the fabulous things about photography for me is seeing all the fun seasonal pieces I can use as props in my photos. You don’t even have to go out and purchase any additional props like decorations if you don’t have the funds or time to, you can easily step outside and go looking for them for absolutely free. In Autumn, you can go searching for autumnal pieces like leaves, conkers, pine cones and acorns. Then you’ll be able to build a cute seasonal picture for your post!

7. Plants & Flowers – Whether they’re fake or real, using plants and flowers can create a natural and fresh vibe to any photo. As mentioned above, using pretty flowers in the warmer months can be a great touch to your photos. Whilst in the colder months, you could stick to fake plants and flowers that are more toned down and suit the time of the year.

8. Home accessories – This is a great example of why you should have a look around your home! No doubt you’ll be able to find at least something you can use. Any home decorations like candles, photo frames, ornaments, lights, blankets, cushions and flowers etc can be used as props.

9. Clothing – Using different textures in your photos can really help to bring images to life and this is what clothing can do. Even if you don’t end up using the whole clothing piece in a photo. you can use any edges or sections to add a touch of something else to your photos, reflect with the theme and of course bring an added texture. Examples of pieces you might want to use include any denim items, scarves, faux leather or faux fur details, any patterned pieces, lace details on tops etc. 

10. Fragrance – A perfume bottle of any kind can add a touch of sophistication to any photo! These look particularly good in beauty and fashion posts, but obviously can be used with whatever style of posts you are producing. 

11. Beauty products – This can also include fragrances and makeup products, but you can also use other beauty products within your photo’s such as skincare, bath and body, hair and nails. Adding a few of these type of items into your photos can really just build a bigger story behind the image that helps relate to the overall post.

12. Crafts – You can use a range of crafts to use as props in your photos! Things like different coloured card/paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, fabrics, tape, ribbon and sequins. You can switch things up between each set of post photos and always reuse things as well, so essentially you’re ensuring your money is being put to good use.

13. Technology – No doubt as a blogger you’ll at least have one form of technology you use to upload your posts! So why not use these as props in your photos? This could be your phone, Ipad/tablet, computer/laptop, camera or iPod. Whatever it is include it within your photos. 

14. Jewellery – Jewellery is great to use as a prop! Whether you own staple pieces or you’re a fan of the minimalistic look, then gather your jewellery together and add them to your photographs. My go to options are small dainty rings, which just add a little something extra to my photos. Necklaces, bracelets and watches are also great go to’s.

15. Prints/Quotes – Finally, purchasing or making your own prints/quotes can also be used in your blog photos, especially quotes that reflect well with the theme of your post or bring a little bit of positivity or inspiration to your readers day. You can get quotes in a range of different colours, sizes and designs. So go as fun and quirky as if you like!

What blog photo prop’s do you like to use?

Lauren x

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