14 Ways To Get Back Into Blogging

14 Tips To Get Back Into Blogging

Getting back into blogging when you’ve been out of the game for some time can be a struggle. You’ll find yourself not knowing where to start and the list of things you feel you have to do might just push you away from the whole processes all over again. The aim of today’s post is to show you 14 ways you can get back into blogging and some areas you might want to consider working on to make your come back.

1. Blog revamp – One of the best ways to get back into blogging is to revamp your blog. If there’s something about your design you don’t like then change it. Go for something fresh and different to what you originally had, but keep to what your readers recognise you for and your style! Also you could change up the layout and your header. If you want to make a drastic change if you’re certain your vision for your blog has changed, consider where you’d like your blog to go and perhaps what your new niches are.

2. Plan your ideas – Of course to blog you need to have something to write about to actually put together posts. Create a list or have a brain storm of some new post ideas you want to showcase on your blog. Have a look for some inspiration on other blogs or your own blog, social media pages like Pinterest, have a read of books or magazines, even getting out and exploring can kick start some new ideas. 

3. Read other blogs – When I’m feeling a little uninspired or lacking motivation to blog, I love to have a read through other people’s blogs to remind myself of how much I actually love blogging. This will help to give you some inspiration and the motivation to get back into blogging when you see how much fun, hard work and dedication people have put in to make their blogs the way they are.

4. Don’t feel guilty – Don’t feel bad for being away from your blog and not posting new content for your readers. They will be sure to understand the reasons behind your absence or if you haven’t been on a break and you’re just not happy with the content you’re posting, your readers will be reassuring and open to you spending some time to fall back into love with blogging. Instead, make your readers as excited as you are to post new content!

14 Tips To Get Back Into Blogging

5. Put a schedule in place – Once you’ve got your ideas sorted and maybe had a revamp, put a schedule in place to keep yourself organised and have a clear guide of what you are going to be doing to keep on top of your blog. By being consistent you’re not only staying organised and motivated, but you’re proving to your readers how serious you are taking things after your time away. I have a full post here on how to engage your readers if you want some tips on being consistent and engaging your readers.

6. Content strategy – In relation to your schedule, you also might want to come up with a content strategy. This will help you to drive traffic towards your new posts and gain the response you want. Look into your target audience whether this is current readers of your blog or the people you invasion to read your blog. Understand your niche(s) and the types of things people search for within these area(s). From this, it will help you to understand the type of posts you should be creating to draw people to your content. 

Next step is to develop your personality and your writing style to attract your audience. If you haven’t blogged for a while, you might find it hard to get back into the swing of things. So have a practice or if you’re lucky the words might just flow out perfectly like you never even left. Once you have done this, you can then settle on your schedule and relate it to your target audience. Have a think about when they are most likely to be online, searching for your niche topics or checking out blogs.

7. Set manageable goals – Another way to keep organised, but also ensure you’re not going to fall behind with starting up your blog again is to set yourself some manageable goals. Don’t let yourself set goals that are too out of reach, e.g gaining 1000 new followers on Bloglovin by the end of the week. It’s more than likely this sort of thing isn’t going to happen over night, let alone over the course of a week. Set goals you know you can reach and have the steps in place in how you are going to reach them. Be smart about them!

8. Have a tidy up – If you’ve spent time working on your revamp and building your ideas, another area to take into consideration for making your come back is to have a good tidy up of your blog. This could be fixing any broken links, updating any out of date information, like your about me page or any information on your posts that might have changed in the time you’ve been away or long before then. Make everything fresh and new, ready to go and be put back out there.

9. Write your come back post – Everything’s done and you’re ready to start posting again. For your first post back into the blogging game, or if you’re trying to improve your content after being in a slump with it, create the best come back post you could! This might include your reasons for slacking or being away and what your next course of action is. Think of it as like a big update for your readers to understand what’s been going on and also build up that support system between the two of you. 

Alternatively this could be a brand new post, not even mentioning anything about your absence and instead all about one of your niches. Ensure you showcase your absolute best,from your amazing writing style to your high quality photos!

14 Tips To Get Back Into Blogging

10. Remind yourself why you started – Probably one of the easiest things out of all of this is to just simply remind yourself why you started a blog in the first place. Was it to have a creative outlet? Was it because you loved reading other blogs and wanted to try one yourself? Was it to improve your skills and confidence? Was it to meet new people and grasp exciting opportunities? Bare whatever it is in mind when you’re getting back into it.

11. Refresh your social media pages – Your social media pages can also have a little revamp! This might not only include the design, but also your profile picture, your bio, the people you follow and also the updates you are sharing. Remember keeping active on social media is great to bring in an audience and build up relationships.

12. Chat to other bloggers – Again like reading other blogs for inspo, having a chat to other bloggers can really make you miss and realise how much you love blogging. You don’t even have to chat about blogging or join in a chat on a social media page, this could simply just be talking to someone new who blogs or an old friend you use to chat to when you first started out. It might make you remember all the fun you use to have and how much you want that back.

13. Follow new people – We already know having a refresh is great for kick starting your love for blogging. But this can be applied to following other bloggers on Bloglovin or social media, and even following some of your readers. Seeing new content appear on your feed will bring you some inspiration and also the motivation to get back on with your own creations.

14. Don’t try too hard – If you’ve been out of it for a while, remember to not put too much pressure on yourself to fall back into love with it all. It will probably take time to get back into the swing of things. If you find yourself struggling, take a step back and a rethink if there is something you could do different or maybe if this is what you really want.

At the end of the day, you should only do it if it makes you happy. If not it wipes the fun out of it for not only yourself, but other people also.

How do you try to get back into blogging?

Lauren x

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