11 Things To Do On A Summers Evening

11 Things To Do On A Summers Evening

Summer well and truly has rolled around now. We have been so lucky in the U.K recently to be blessed with such gorgeous weather throughout the week. Although it does suck when you’re stuck inside all day, maybe working or at school, thinking you’ve wasted the day away, but why does the fun in the sun have to stop just because you’re busy during the day? When you get home, make the most of the sunshine and warmth that will still be lingering around. 

Summer evenings are one of my favourite things about the warmer season and there is always something you can end up doing. Whether that’s just simply relaxing, spending time alone or with other people, heading out for the night or staying at home, I’ve got 11 things to do on a summers evening to help you make the most of the summer nights:

1. Watch the sun go down – There’s nothing more romantic or peaceful than watching the sun go down, right? Obviously you don’t have to just do this with your other half, you can easily do this alone or with friends/family. Head to the beach, the top of a hill or field, a roof top etc to watch the sunset. You can also snap some pretty photos of it setting too!

2. Go to an outdoor cinema – With summer sees the return of outdoor cinema events coming to your local area. Get lot’s of your friends or family together and go watch an old classic on the big screen in the middle of a field with lots of other people. It will sure be a great movie experience!

3. Have a BBQ – Bring the food outside and throw yourself a little BBQ. Cook lot’s of yummy treats for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Use the time to just indulge and have lots of fun outside whilst doing so. 

4. Have a garden party – If you want to be really social, invite people over for a garden party or if there’s any celebrations you’ve got coming up throughout the summer, then host it in your back garden! You can have family and friends over, with a mixture of different drinks and food, you can play games and listen to music. 

5. Take your workouts outside – If you’re a gym goer or someone who works out inside, then why not take your exercise outside? Go for an evening run round the local park and enjoy some fresh air whilst you keep fit. Take any at home workouts outside and make the most of the summer breeze. You could look into any outdoor exercise classes within your area and meet up with lots of new people. Or simply just gather your friends together and work out as group somewhere!

6. Go for a walk – Even just going for a walk is a great way to spend a summers evening! You can exercise, socialise and watch the sun go down, whilst being out in nature all in one go. Other locations of choice might be the woods, around your local community, a new city or town, the seaside or a natural reserve that might open till dusk.

7. Go to an outdoor festival/gig – Outdoor music festivals or shows always have the best atmosphere! Check out what artists or bands are coming to your local area and see if you can snap up some tickets to go. It will be a great way to spend an evening with drinks and some good tunes!

8. Picnic – Packing up some food and heading outside for a picnic is such a cute idea! Perfect for low budget date nights too. You could head to the park or simply just have one in your back garden. Bring lots of  tasty foods and drinks to consume. 

9. Camp outside – I’ve personally never been camping nor do I plan on going anytime soon, but if you’re a fan of it or you’ve always wanted to go, then definitely pack up some camping gear and head camping for the night or the weekend. You could book to go on a site or even just go out in your garden for simplicity (and maybe some home comforts as well!!!). 

10. Go on a bike ride – Get on your bike and go for a bike ride somewhere! Whether that’s to a neighbouring village, through a park, to the beach or any other picturesque location you can come up with. Soak up the nice weather all whilst exercising! 

11. Go for drinks – Take you and some friends off for some drinks. Sit outside a pub or a restaurant or even just outside in your own back garden. There’s nothing more refreshing and relaxing than doing that!

What do you like to do on a summer’s evening?

Lauren x

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12 thoughts on “11 Things To Do On A Summers Evening

  • Such a lovely post! I love to walk my dog on the beach during summer evenings – gorgeous views and a perfect opportunity to do some photography whilst there also!Hayleywww.hayleyxmartin.blogspot.co.uk

  • These are lovely ideas. A BBQ, garden party and taking your work outside are great!I've just arrived to summer. I'm loving the heat and the longer days!Stephwww.socialspying.com

  • Its so important to take time out to enjoy these summer evenings, especially as the weather is so unpredictable! xxwww.natalieleanne.com

  • I'm determined to find the perfect sunset-watching spot in my neighbourhood, I'm yet to have any luck though! :(Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  • What a gorgeous photo! It's so great to have nice weather for the summer, I think camping and any outdoor concerts are my favourite things to do on summer evenings. I'm so excited for this summer to truly start! Have a lovely weekend Lauren xxSending light & love your way,My Lovelier Days

  • These are great summer plans! Definitely will be doing a bunch of these over the next few months! Nicole | The Glam Surge

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