10 Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mothers Day

10 Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mothers Day

Can you believe we’re already nearing to the end of March?! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. Christmas seems like forever ago and it will be shortly be Easter soon. But before that, we have Mothers day, which is just one week away now. If you’re making plans or thinking of ideas of what you could do to treat your Mum this Mothers day, then keep on reading because I’ve got 10 ways you can do so!

1. Treat her to lunch –  Going out for lunch is such a wonderful way to spend the day with your Mum. Head to her favourite restaurant or café for a delicious meal, or take her to somewhere new and surprise her with some exciting and tasty dishes you know she’ll love.

2. Have your own DIY afternoon tea – Instead of popping out for lunch, throw your own afternoon tea. Make some cute little sandwiches, buy some scones and bake some indulgent sweet treats to share around. Remember to pop the kettle on or toast some champagne for refreshments in between all that talking. 

3. Offer to do the chores – Ask your Mum if there is anything she needs doing and offer to do it for her. This might be a spot of gardening, cleaning or tidying around the house, doing the food shop for her, giving her a lift anyway etc. Even the smallest of tasks can make a huge difference and she”ll be sure to feel appreciative of your help. 

4. Take her to a spa or have your own pamper day – If you have the money, treat her to a day at the spa where you both can receive lots of gorgeous treatments and the chance to really unwind. Or if you’re on a budget, have your own pamper day at home. Gather all your favourite beauty products, put on some relaxing music and pamper yourselves.

5. Plan a trip to the theatre to see a show – Who doesn’t love going to the theatre? Most Mum’s do! If this is yours, then plan a trip to go see an upcoming show production at the theatre. If you’re really lucky there might be one being shown on sunday and you could try grab some last minute tickets for a show. 

6. Put together a photo album or a scrapbook of all your memories – Scrapbooks or photo albums are such a lovely thing to look back on. Put together some of your favourite photos or souvenirs from over the years and gift it to your Mum, so she can then cherish it forever. It’s such a lovely and thoughtful way to treat her.

7. Have a family photoshoot – On the topic of photos, it might have been a long time since you all got together as a family and took some more up to date shots. Well if that’s the case, why not have a family photo shoot? You can either hire a photographer or set up your own camera to take some snaps of you all together. Then you can print them out and put them in a frame to give to your Mum. She’ll love it!

8. Start a tradition for the two of you to do together – Perhaps this Mother’s day is the perfect chance to finally start doing something together in which you can continue to do each year. This is something that you guys can share together and always have memories of doing. Make sure it’s a tradition you’re both going to love and will look forward to, this may involve visiting a new place or doing an activity you’ve both really wanted to try. Have fun with it and get creative.

9. Buy some of her favourite flowers – A simple yet beautiful way to treat your Mum is by buying her some of her favourite blooms in! They’ll lighten up the place and make everywhere feel super fresh. Plus what woman doesn’t love receiving flowers?

10. A perfume specially tailored to her tastes – Another easy gift to purchase and treat your Mum to is a perfume that is specially tailored to her tastes! Find out what her favourite scents are and opt for a perfume that resembles these scents. No one can ever have too many perfumes!

What are your plans for Mother’s day?

Lauren x

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